6 Responses

  1. Laura Fry

    Unfortunately that’s not a break that can be easily fixed, methinks. 🙁

  2. Kerstin

    That is why all weaver needs a spool of braided polyester, along with all other necessities!
    (Somewhere I saw pics from a professional studio in, perhaps, Germany – the flyshuttle cord almost had more knots that unbroken bits. Maybe it is the same as they say about riders: you have to fall off 100 times before you “are” an equestrian?)

  3. Cally

    And of course the useful length of cord that I found in the ‘useful lengths of cord’ box is too thick. Great start to the working year!

  4. Martha

    Talk about holding on by a thread! Hope you can sort out the problem quickly and return to weaving with no hitches.

  5. neki rivera

    blessed nylon chord!

  6. Alice

    You stopped the steaming locomotive just before it reached the desperate heroine tied to the tracks.