The weaving muses have abandoned me. I put a lambswool warp on the Megado last week, and my main question this week is “Why?” Specifically, why on earth did I think that a combination of middling grey and middling green would be in any way appealing?

grey green wool warp

It doesn’t appeal to me at all. I am pondering my options. There are several ways I could use it, including re-threading. Or I could take it off the loom altogether. I don’t really want to do that as I reckon I can at least use it for practising ‘something’, whatever that something may be. On the other hand, there’s a chance I will just waste a whole lot more time fiddling about with it… and then abandon it anyway.

In the meantime I have warped up the Delta for more patchwork samples and am about to wash the first piece. So I’m not idle, I’m just denying the problem.

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14 Responses

  1. Ellen Turner

    Fabric for a lovely spring day dress/coat/skirt/…….?

  2. Betty

    Looks like you’re yearning for Spring! Try some coral pinks across it with some warm browns ………. maybe I’m thinking winter should leave too!

  3. Sheila Carey

    Use something startling as weft, something you would “never” use. 🙂

  4. Kate

    Cally, please don’t take it down, it’s beautiful

  5. Cally

    I’m afraid it isn’t just the weft choice, it needs a complete overhaul. The colours are fine in themselves but too similar to work as I have set it up.

  6. Sandra Rude

    I’d try something really shocking as a weft color – bright orange (not coral – too dainty) or hot orange-red.

  7. Dianne

    I know the feeling. I’ve decided to weave mine and dunk it in the dye pot when finished.

  8. Sine Robertson

    looks good in this light – looks like lavender – would shades of purple, lilac work?

  9. Barbara Scott

    I too saw purple, and not grey.

  10. Kerstin

    I’m with Sheila and Sandra here: try something outrageous!!

  11. MegWeaves

    I guess I’m in the minority – don’t like it? Stuck? Take it off.

  12. Pat Foster

    Pity to waste all that effort on the warping up. So use a quite different and try a weave you have never done before.

  13. Martha

    I agree with Meg and with yourself, take it off and be done with it. Life is too short to weave something you don’t like.

  14. janicezindel

    I think it would be lovely yardage for spring wearable. Perhaps “audition” weft colors?