Meanwhile on 8 shafts…

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More patchwork sampling, with some of the pattern areas expanded and an unfortunate yellow stripe.

patchwork in progress

Well, it might have worked. Off the loom, I am now getting the sort of larger scale effect which I like, with squares gradually shifting from one colour to another.

more patchwork sampling

While close up there is some interesting detail in the pattern (plus you can shut out the yellow).

more patchwork sampling detail

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The weaving muses have abandoned me. I put a lambswool warp on the Megado last week, and my main question this week is “Why?” Specifically, why on earth did I think that a combination of middling grey and middling green would be in any way appealing?

grey green wool warp

It doesn’t appeal to me at all. I am pondering my options. There are several ways I could use it, including re-threading. Or I could take it off the loom altogether. I don’t really want to do that as I reckon I can at least use it for practising ‘something’, whatever that something may be. On the other hand, there’s a chance I will just waste a whole lot more time fiddling about with it… and then abandon it anyway.

In the meantime I have warped up the Delta for more patchwork samples and am about to wash the first piece. So I’m not idle, I’m just denying the problem.

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New cords

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Not, alas, for the fly shuttle. I can’t find the right diameter of cord in the local hardware places, so I will have to order some online. I bought a hank of finer cord, hemmed and hawed about it for a bit, and decided to use it on the Varpapuu instead.

So the grotty cords (that’s for you, Katie) seen on 1st January…

2015 Varpapuu

…have been replaced thus:

Varpapuu new cords

I’ve arranged it so that cords don’t go through the holes in the apron rod any more, because I prefer to be able to slip off the outer loops when the warp is narrow. As I use this loom for demonstrating and sampling, the warp usually is pretty narrow.

I haven’t got much further with Actual Weaving, though I have started making a warp for the Megado and spent a lot of time tinkering with drafts of different kinds. My head is reeling from the quantity of email coming in re CW: more than two hundred messages in the last seven days. Whoa. But I am learning not to multi-task: when I go to the studio, I focus on studio things. And I have dusted off my special mug to help.

thinking mug

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I was trying to do a thing that didn’t really work, but I got these instead.

interleaved threading 2

Two very simple threadings on 8 shafts, interleaved and woven in blocks with a point treadling. Each little block has quite a distinctive design. Above is what I would have called the ‘right’ side, where the warp colours (brown and light blue) appear quite strongly. On the ‘wrong’ side (below) the off-white weft is more evident and in this design I like it very much.

interleaved threading 1

I’m going to try scaling up the size of the blocks next as these are quite tiny.

By now many of you will have seen the bulletin from Complex Weavers

so you’ll know about my new role. It is not one I really wanted − and the circumstances are far from what anyone would have wanted − but, thankfully, CW is an organisation filled with capable people who are all rallying round.

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