Another zig-zag

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I am unreasonably delighted with simple shapes. The latest piece of double woven huck lace is imitating a simple twill, but it makes me smile outrageously.

zig zag huck lace

Quite a bit more zigging and zagging to go on this one before I change to solid light blue on top.

And in fact the linen is doing something similar in single cloth. Just a tiny peak of that for now, though: I’m still thinking.

zig zag linen

The warp yarn is actually a bit too soft and prone to disintegrating. I can manage small samples, but I’ll need another warp for a long piece.

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Many Strands

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I’ve been hand-stitching hems on my ‘Goethe gamps‘ in the evenings while I watch the Olympic gymnasts. It’s almost as good as test cricket.

Meanwhile…. warps have been made and sent out to workshop participants.

Goethe warps

Meanwhile… students in the studio have been weaving up a storm, trying out some new structures.

purple samples

Meanwhile… I am turning these skeins into a new warp for the Megado to create some more Waterfront lace pieces.

blue skeins

Meanwhile… I’m putting a narrow linen warp on the Magic Dobby to pursue a new statistical idea.

linen warp

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Stripes and checks

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I am preparing a new workshop for Highland Guild in September. We’re going to explore the Goethe-Albers colour triangle and its associated ‘moods’ through weaving. And that is why I am weaving giant colour gamps to take with me….

Goethe Albers gamp 1

Goethe Albers gamp 2

Goethe Albers gamp 3

I particularly like the contrast between a white weft and a black one.

Goethe Albers gamp 4

I have cut off the twill pieces, so the next step is to drop a few ends and resley for plain weave.

Having slogged through the largest of the marking mountains last week, I only have one to go for this session!

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