Stripes and checks

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I am preparing a new workshop for Highland Guild in September. We’re going to explore the Goethe-Albers colour triangle and its associated ‘moods’ through weaving. And that is why I am weaving giant colour gamps to take with me….

Goethe Albers gamp 1

Goethe Albers gamp 2

Goethe Albers gamp 3

I particularly like the contrast between a white weft and a black one.

Goethe Albers gamp 4

I have cut off the twill pieces, so the next step is to drop a few ends and resley for plain weave.

Having slogged through the largest of the marking mountains last week, I only have one to go for this session!

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New warp

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It’s a long time since we have had one of these on the Delta.

Goethe gamp warp

Apart from the white, each colour appears three times. I started filling up from the right, as I tend to do, then realised I would get on much quicker doing each colour in turn. If you look closely, you will be able to work out when that finally dawned on me 🙂

Well, as I said, it has been a while.

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Miles and milestones

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There have been many since I last posted.

My trusty companion and I have flown to Chicago…

out to USA

…and back again.

back from USA

We took the train from Chicago to San Francisco,

train at Emeryville

crossing the Mississippi…


…and accompanying the Colorado.


In Illinois there were Seminars. Complex Weavers Seminars, which are unlike anyone else’s Seminars. I guess all the Seminars were brilliant, or I was exceptionally lucky, because all six sessions which I attended were excellent. Weavers are doing the most amazing things! Sara Nordling and her double woven pleats, Alice Schlein’s lampas explorations, Dianne Totten’s crimp cloth, Sally Eyring creating 3D cloth on her superbly hacked Magic Dobby loom… I was inspired.

And I got The Pin.

CW selfie

The Pin signifies that I once was, but no longer am, the president of Complex Weavers. At Seminars I should have handed on the CW tiara to my friend and successor, Kathi Spangler. Sadly, just a matter of days before Seminars took place, Kathi found she was too ill to travel. Everything happened very quickly and her condition deteriorated until she passed away on Tuesday this week. The last words she wrote to me were “I really did want to give you that pin!” And I wanted to give you the tiara, Kathi! Fellow weaver Brenda has written a lovely tribute to Kathi here.

The weavers come and go, but the weaving continues. Once again, a valiant 1st VP has stepped into the breach, and the amazing Lynn Smetko – excellent weaver and fantastically capable human being – now carries the CW torch. Lynn presented me with the pin, and I am looking forward to heckling her supporting her from the back benches.

Finally, this is Macavity, a rather shy resident of Walnut Creek, CA. My dad’s old cat, Tiger, died last year and Macavity is the newest family feline.


Our own cats were so excited to see us home again, they could hardly contain themselves.

cat collection

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I spent the first 24 hours of this weekend with one of my tribes. It was the annual gathering of OU maths tutors in Scotland, and it is that specific intersection of attributes – the organisation (OU), the subject (maths), the role (tutors, or ALs, as we are officially) and the location (Scotland) – that makes this group My Tribe. Between us we teach a wide variety of courses, but we all have common experiences, pleasures and frustrations and for the rest of the year we mainly work alone. This is our opportunity to remind ourselves that there are Others Like Us, and it’s great. I reconnected with old friends and met others I had only known through email or not at all. Sounds like weaving, doesn’t it?

And, yes, I’ve been preparing to join one of my other tribes next week. We are trying out a poster session at Complex Weavers Seminars, so I thought I’d contribute a poster on my double huck experiments. I got it printed at Dundee Uni, and discovered – to my great excitement – that they could print it on cloth rather than paper. The intention is to make it easier to put in one’s luggage (just fold it up with the t-shirts), but could there be anything better for a weaving poster?


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