Many wefts

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I have woven three pieces on the tri-colour warp so far, and have struggled to capture any of them accurately – hence the jaunty angles of the pictures below.

weft exchange 1

Two wefts per piece, alternating blocks in the warp. The first pair were teal and violet. I reckon that’s the most accurate photo.

weft exchange 2

Then violet and blue.

weft exchange 3

The teal again, two shades thereof. This is probably the least satisfactory photo.

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Learning new tricks

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I had the weekend off! That’s the last one until November, so I made the most of it by going to a workshop at the DCA. It was a leather workshop with Bunty & Bella and part of the DCA’s Craft Sunday series – but we had an extra Sunday on Saturday so we had time to design as well as make our little projects.

I started with a rectangular purse in tan and dark brown leather. I chose the style because I love those little stud fastenings and thought I could cope with cutting out rectangles. The asymmetric flap was just to make it a bit more interesting.

first leather purse

I did manage to cut out rectangles, and they were almost all the same size too. Well, close enough. (The finished size, by the way, is about 10 x 17 cm.)

There are two pockets inside, and I added a red felt lining.

first leather purse inside

It’s a wee bit clumsy, but I love it. The leather is soft and warm, and the Sam Browne stud is just as pleasing as it should be.

first leather purse stud

I then had time for a second purse and, sticking with a winning formula, went for another rectangle of about the same size as the first. This time, though, I included a scrap of handwoven cloth on one side and tackled a zip fastening.

second leather purse

The lining is a pale grey felt to go with the zip.

second leather purse inside

It was a really enjoyable weekend and I’m delighted with my little purses. So if I find myself getting flustered during October, at least I can stroke that soft tan leather.

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Two layers, three colours

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This warp has three colours which, arranged over the two layers, give six different blocks. I love the medley of loops at the front of the loom…

…compared with the crisp stripes at the back.

I can’t believe we are racing towards October so quickly. Next week I will be getting to know a new class of OU students as well as starting to work with a new group of weaving students. There will be handouts! There will be slides! And I’ve no doubt that with the two junior feline assistants, it will all take four times longer than normal. Pippi likes to get directly involved with the computer, while Magnus is more of a book man. He likes to nap on the top shelf of one of the bookcases in the study, so that when he stretches, dictionaries rain down on the hapless people below.

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Last little bit

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I tried out some of those new colours on the last little bit of the warp.

And then I reached the end.

There are only three different wefts in action, but against the blue and grey of the warp they make a wonderful example of warmer/cooler colour blends. The next warp will take this a bit further.

By the way, for those who have been wondering, the yarn is 2/24 alpaca silk from the Chester Wool Company. You can buy at wholesale prices if you order at least 5 kg, which doesn’t all need to be the same yarn. 

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