New classes! And other stories

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Where does the time go? Before another week slips by, I must remember to mention that I have added new dates for weaving classes in the autumn – they are all available here.

I’ve been working my way through not one but two mountains of marking, but finally finished the last assignment this evening. So developments in the studio have been slow. And have seemed even slower because no loom is actually ready for weaving. Right now the Megado is waiting for a couple more bouts of this,


though the sectional warp beam is now full (I forgot to take a picture, but it’s looking very promising) and I am setting up a sampler on one of the table looms which is just half-threaded. For some reason, this feels like less progress than it actually is.

The picture above is wonky not from some artistic impulse, but because the weather has been utterly magnificent. The sun through the window was so bright that I had to lean over the furniture to take the photo pointing back the other way, or you would just see a mysterious silhouette of a warp. Potential logo for a weaver, perhaps?

I took an hour off this afternoon to visit Angharad McLaren’s Weavathon at the DCA. Great idea to get lots of people having a go at weaving during the Commonwealth Games.

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Weft colours

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I wove a few metres with the wefts shown in my earlier post, then tried a bit of orange… orange-grey-weft.jpg …and finally a bit of blue, keeping the grey throughout. blue-grey-weft I love all these combinations, but it is time for a new warp. And, amazingly, the website move is accomplished with almost no effort on my part. I’m a very happy customer so far – here’s hoping that the hosting turns out to be as reliable as it is welcoming.

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Sounds like network drafting

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On Monday morning when I sat down at the loom, I heard this.

playing the skyline

Two composers were considering the shape of the London skyline and expressing it in music. Sound familiar? I know some weavers use musical scores as the basis for drafting, but perhaps musicians might also consider playing a few network drafted threadings?

I took it to be a very good omen for the week’s weaving, although (as I am once more tunnelling my way through a marking mountain) I haven’t achieved quite as much as a good omen deserves! Never mind, it was fascinating to listen to and there are two more episodes still to come.

By the way, a website migration is in progress. In theory this should be as smooth and seamless as a silk doublecloth tube, but we’ll see…

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Well, I got to the loom on Monday morning and immediately ran into problems: I was getting long warp floats on the bottom layer. Like this one, only longer.

unwanted warp float

My first thought was that one or two shafts had got tangled together – this is one of the Megado’s besetting sins, as the cords for the shafts easily slip into the wrong grooves when you are shoving them about during threading. So I checked the cords but nope, they were all as they should be. There seemed to be no loose heddles or other detritus snagging anything either.

I did wonder about a threading error (though it would have been a surprisingly consistent one) but that checked out fine as well.

Was I muddling up the treadling? I untreadled and unwove to have another go. And then again. Still getting floats. I couldn’t trace all of the individual ends very easily, but my ‘spot checks’ on a few of them showed that they were all on shaft 8.

By this time I reckoned I must have narrowed it down to the pegplan. A wrong or missing peg must be the culprit. Well, I checked and checked and checked again: the pegs were all absolutely fine.

I gave up in disgust. I had a bunch of other work to do and deadlines approaching, so yesterday I worked at home and ignored the whole thing.

The fact that the error was underneath was driving me nuts, so I decided that I had better invert the pegplan to investigate further. At least if the floats were on the top I would be able to catch them as they were happening without falling off the bench. I got another set of lags, pegged up the opposite lifts and started again.

I wove very cautiously, checking underneath every few picks, for about an hour. It was perfect. Not a float to be seen. What???

I made a cup of tea. I decided to count my blessings and carry on weaving, setting the mystery aside for now.

finally weaving lambswool graffiti

I had to pack up early (for yet another dental appointment) and, as I put my shoes back on, I looked at the first set of lags. And suddenly my mistake was blindingly obvious. A run of six empty holes for shaft 8. I had pegged 10-12-14-16 instead of 8-10-12-14. See it?

pegging error

I am relieved to have found it. I wasn’t really comfortable with the working weave while I didn’t know what had made it NOT work. Now I can enjoy the weaving and the test match.

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New warp

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I’ve made a start! A new lambswool warp in grey, green and yellow.

lambswool graffiti warp 1

lambswool graffiti warp 2

lambswool graffiti warp 3

It seemed to take me forever to thread − not really sure why, just having a slow day I think. But it’s on and I just managed to start weaving before I finished a bit early on Thursday for a long weekend with family. I didn’t photograph the little woven sliver, but it was enough to make me feel that I was into the next stage and ready to progress on Monday morning.

Yesterday we went to part of the ‘Schubertiad’ at the East Neuk Festival. We haven’t been for several years and the festival is a lot bigger and grander than it used to be (with the expected effect on ticket prices, unfortunately), but it is still a lovely event and at the heart of it are the concerts in small parish churches. This is the size of concert I really enjoy. I am not such a great fan of big orchestral events, but I love chamber music and small-scale events. Schubert’s Piano Trio in B flat was a delight. As was the fish supper afterwards.

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