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I’ve already told you about the Dundee Design Festival, but that’s not all. May is going to be a busy month hereabouts…

From 14 – 29 May the Tea Green Concept Atelier will be ‘popping up’ in the Old Flour Mill on Exchange Street. 35 artists and makers from across Scotland will be participating, including yours truly. There will be lovely things for sale as well as demos and ‘work in progress’. There’s also a launch party in the evening on 13 May, with free tickets available here.

Atelier poster 1 ONLINE

And just before all that kicks off, on 11 May I will be giving a wee talk about my work at the monthly Make/Share evening in Dundee Makerspace. For those who wonder what I do all day (besides grumble about marking, that is), this is your chance to find out.

Make Share

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I have been away this week, visiting my mother and Pat in their new house down in England. Last time I visited they had just moved in and most of their things were still in cardboard boxes, but now they are properly settled with the greater part of the house given over to making things of one kind or another. And in the spirit of making things I accompanied Pat on a bookbinding course – a workshop with Lori Sauer under the umbrella of BINDING re:DEFINED.

We made what Lori called a ‘Binder’s Wallet’: a portfolio for bookbinding tools. Now I don’t have many bookbinding tools, so my portfolio is intended to be more general purpose – pencils, scissors, and useful bits of paper – but I can see potential for other applications. Weaving tools don’t really lend themselves to the format, but sewing tools would, and I quite fancy it as a mini design portfolio too. And on my way home I paused at King’s Cross to meet with a friend who is busy with extreme renovations of the house she has just bought. When she saw what I’d made she immediately started planning a wallet of her own for carrying fabric samples, paint cards and pieces of ceramic tiles.

Here’s the one I made. A leather cover with a strap:

leather wallet

From the top:

leather wallet end

The pockets are made of roofing felt and held in place with carbon fibre rods.

felt pockets 1

felt pockets 2

And there is a thick felt page in the middle for needles.

felt insert

There are photos of the workshop on the BINDING re:DEFINED Facebook page. And here are some of the wallets in a gang at the end of day 2.

wallet buddies

I seem to have developed a knack for taking trains when there are massive delays (or there are just many more days when massive delays are an issue), but I got home eventually. And I do love the east coast main line on a sunny spring evening.

Firth of Forth

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Coming up in 2016

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A couple of New Things I thought I’d mention…

In May we have the first Dundee Design Festival to look forward to, and I’m delighted to be participating. We were invited for a sneaky look around the West Ward Works venue the other day and it really took me back to my days in the ‘shed’ at Rolls-Royce. A room as big as a football pitch and that unmistakeable blend of concrete, lino and strange coloured paint that is essential for industry. And look at those pipes! The festival organisers are going to have a lot of fun turning it into an exhibition and event space.

West Ward 01

West Ward 02

In the somewhat cosier setting of my own studio, I have also planned something new: two five-day ‘summer schools‘ in weaving. One is for complete beginners, the other for those with a little weaving experience. If you know someone who would like a week of complete immersion in weaving and design (in a UNESCO City of Design, no less!) then please spread the word.

Studio time has been in short supply but I reckon two more days of marking should see me over the mountain. It has been an enormous amount of very intensive work, and much as I enjoy the interaction with my students, I have been quite exhausted by this particular round – and other tutors have remarked the same. It is partly the timetabling, which means that several deadlines come close together (which you might think the faculty would try to avoid) but there is also something in the nature of the assignments that seems have made it especially difficult. And managing most of it electronically takes a toll on my eyes as well. Never mind: just two days and three more mountains until Seminars…

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