how to recognise me at Convergence

If you are going to be at Complex Weavers or Convergence next week, then look for the chubby round face with the red specs and messy hair, and say hello!

The camera is not guaranteed, but it may well be present. Or you can look for these brightly coloured legs:

The photo is a bit dark (it is POURING with rain here) but in real life they are pretty bright, so You Have Been Warned. The ties at the sides are a bit flimsy for the job they are doing, but I reckon I’m to be able to get something better in Albuquerque. I’ve heard there may be some other weavers in town and a few folk selling things that weavers like to buy.

For now, I am going to pack.

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  1. Evelyn Oldroyd
    | Reply

    The trousers are gorgeous! Now I want to make some …

  2. ladyoftheloom
    | Reply

    I wish I were going to Convergence but alas, maybe another year. I hope you have a great experience.

    LOVE the trousers! I will have to challenge on the messy hair one day. My friends are always after me to comb it.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      The really annoying thing about the hair is that I had an expensive haircut last week! It looked neat for about 10 minutes…

  3. Laura
    | Reply

    So disappointed I’m missing all the fun this year! Have a great time and will look forward to your blog posts when you get home. 😀


  4. bety
    | Reply

    I hope you have a great time, I too have a cubby face and red eyeglasses but not such cool pants

  5. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    Have a great trip, Cally!

  6. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    Those trousers are indeed splendid. I hope to find you at Convergence to admire them in person. Just think how strange the hot dry weather will feel – although pouring rain is possible, it’ll be about 30 degrees (F) warmer…

  7. neki rivera
    | Reply

    the pants are fab! and there’s nothing that hair mousse can’t “correct”. except color, that is.

  8. Geodyne
    | Reply

    How wonderfully flamboyant your trousers are! You look fabulous.

    Do have a great time. I do wish I were also able to go.

  9. Bonnie Inouye
    | Reply

    When will you arrive in Albuquerque? My flight is scheduled for 4:35pm on Sunday. I look forward to meeting you at CW.

  10. Bonnie Inouye
    | Reply

    hi Cally! I hope you are still having fun in New Mexico. I had to return home to Colorado yesterday, but it was great to meet you in person at CW Seminars. Also fun to see your yardage piece hanging there, having read about it on this blog.

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