New website
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The blog continues… join me for textiles, tea & chat

does anyone know…
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…how to get a WordPress-acceptable file out of Fiberworks? After my last post Pat asked whether I could share a picture of the rejected draft. When I started using Fiberworks I had thought I would be able to share images … Read More

It’s the colour
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The things which motivate me to weave

Mystery beyond the Mountains
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Textured yardage inspired by the Adinkra cloth of Ghana.

Textiles around the home
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Table mats, cushions and a luxurious silky throw.

Summer Berry Wrap
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This was a commission for a wrap and one of my all-time favourite weaving projects.

Convergence 2010 Celebration Cloth
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I was so excited to be going to New Mexico in July 2010, that I decided to use this hand-dyed yarn to weave myself something to wear.

liftplan trauma
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I have to remind myself that I am still relatively new to the dobby loom and designing liftplans. I have to remind myself of this to prevent outbreaks of frustrated screaming, but I don’t always do it in time… Yesterday … Read More

Baby blanket
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A cotton blanket fit for a baby

Handwoven scarves

A selection of recent handwoven scarves.

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