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Playing with LibraryThing!

You can now find me and quite a lot of my books on LibraryThing. In an amazingly short space of time I have been able to add most of my weaving books and some spinning, general textiles, craft etc. There are still a few embroidery and surface design books lurking in the darker corners of the loom room. Then there is the rest of the house… but that is never going to happen. I was hoping to put a LibraryThing widget in the sidebar, but it is one of those apps that WordPress doesn’t support (yet?), so here is a little screenshot to be going on with.

Compared with some, my collection is quite modest — but since every one of these books is new (to me) since I started weaving in 2004, it still represents an acquisition rate of more than one a month. And of course LibraryThing is now busy telling me what books all the other weavers have and which ones they recommend…

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  1. Laura
    | Reply

    Hi Cally,
    Who is the author of the ‘Colour’? That’s a new one to me…. Also The Cutting Edge?

    Laura (couldn’t access LibraryThing, maybe because I’m not a member?)

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Oh I am sorry you can’t get in — not sure why that should be as I can see them even when I am logged out. But I am a complete novice at this so my links may be all wrong…

      Anyway, “Colour” is a reading book (as opposed to a practical book; subtitled “Travels through the Paintbox”) by Victoria Finlay. “The Cutting Edge” is edited by Catriona Baird — it was produced by National Museums Scotland to accompany an exhibition of contemporary craft and appears on their website here.

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