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On the one hand I would like this first post on my new site to be an expression of optimism, anticipation and bubbling excitement. On the other hand, I have been reduced to a blubbering heap by my introduction so far to nameservers, cPanels, installations and all things recalcitrant and web-related. I will just have to fall back on my tried and trusted mantra: “it seemed like a good idea at the time…”

Here’s hoping that a little more time will soften the memory of my startup trauma and that I will learn to love the new technology. If you’re willing to be patient with me then I will be more than usually grateful for the pleasure of your company along the way.

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  1. Amy
    | Reply

    Take a deep breath, Cally, and have a cuppa. Website looks fabulous!!! Love all the big pictures that really give a good sense of the textile. Looking forward to following you here.

  2. Peg in South Carolina
    | Reply

    Beautiful! Did you design this all yourself?

  3. Alison
    | Reply

    Your new website is lovely and makes my eyes happy!

  4. Evelyn
    | Reply

    I know what you mean about new sites and the learning of new ways. I started one, but haven’t managed to get very far so it sits. 😉

    good luck with the new place – you are already doing an awesome job!

  5. Cally
    | Reply

    Thanks! I am gradually finding my way around – a bit strange to be lost in your own website, but it seems to be reasonably robust to my crashing about.

    I’m afraid I can’t take the credit, Peg, as the “theme” design is one I bought off-the-peg from I decided to splash out on one whose structure I really liked and I’m slowly adjusting the details as I find out how it works. Next thing to go may be all the pink hyperlinks…

  6. Desirée
    | Reply

    It looks great! Congratulations to your new look, I’m sure you will find your way.

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