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For the last couple of weeks I have been enjoying the shadows on our kitchen floor. To produce shadows like these you need: a west-facing kitchen, the afternoon sun filtered through very tall trees, a slight breeze to move the trees about, venetian blinds and Victorian glass. The cat hairs and other grime are optional.

There are zillions more of these pictures in my camera, so beware.

In actual weaving news, I am making progress towards the guild talk and demo – one sample loom is warped and ready, the other has the warp beamed and is ready to thread. Oh, and I managed to borrow a couple of books on colour from the university library – more on this when I find time to read them…

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  1. Janet
    | Reply

    Really? There’s no water involved? I assumed you were going to say “rain streaming down the windows” or similar. That’s what it looks like. Beautiful!

  2. Cally
    | Reply

    Nope, no rain – just wibbly old glass!

  3. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    It’s like the water’s surface. Lovely. Gentle.

  4. neki rivera
    | Reply

    inspiration for a textile manipulation!

  5. Dot Lumb
    | Reply

    How beautiful! The old glass is very special, how boring modern glass is by comparison.
    Those floor tiles add a lot to the watery effect, they are like sand or a stream bed 😉

  6. Julia
    | Reply

    I sense undulating twill coming on!

  7. Alice
    | Reply

    Well, I first thought of water too, but now I’m thinking they’re the hide of a mythical beast. Whatever they are, they’re lovely.

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