Back under the loom

We all know that nature abhors an empty loom, and I do too – especially when it is sitting right next to me. Now that I am privileged to have two floor looms I have to work a bit harder to keep them both occupied. The silk scarves are proceeding nicely on the Megado, but I didn’t like the sight of the Delta sitting there naked so I have been back on the floor tying up for some more 8-shaft echo weave.

I wasn’t specifically going for the “how far away from silk can I get” look, but this warp in natural and pink hemp is probably a good contender. Even sleyed for echo weave — almost but not quite as dense as double cloth — it comes in at 20 epi. I have been trying it out with a cottolin weft and that seems to be a good match: it is a little bit finer and a little more supple, but it still has an unpolished look and feel. Here’s my little sample piece (and a threading error, oops — hence the pin and the two corrected ends on the surface):

I really like the deep orangey cottolin with the pink hemp so that is probably the future for this warp. It’s a narrow cloth (I wound until I ran out of the pink) and it will contract quite a bit more when it is wet finished, but that makes me think I could make one of these bags from Doni’s blog tutorial.

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  1. neki rivera
    | Reply

    the deep orange , the deep orange!

  2. Dot
    | Reply

    Aww Cally, my poor loom has been empty for a year … I’m still suffering from fitting an office into my workspace, however, I’ve been tidying this week (again) and am getting closer towards being able to use my Toika again. Meanwhile, it’s good (and encouraging!) to see what you’re up to, keeping two looms busy.

  3. Bety
    | Reply

    I understand the empty loom syndrome, I’ve been feeling it for weeks LOL… I love the bag your planing it’s a great take on the Tibetan bags that are really popular, but with out cutting any fabric it’s brilliant.

  4. Susan
    | Reply

    How did you wet finish it

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Nothing special, Susan – just washed it by hand and gave it a hard press.

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