curved triangle drafts

Right, back to weaving business!

Here, thanks to Amy, are the rejected and the now-in-use drafts for curved triangle shapes. I started with the idea that a pattern of these shapes would leave a pleasing pathway of plain weave through the huck lace. But it looked a bit solid, so then I thought it would be a good idea to “hollow out” the shapes like this:

They started to look a liitle bit like heart shapes, so this seemed reasonably promising. Alas, not in cloth, however — they turned out looking more like badly squashed bagels.

My next bright idea was to try linking the shapes together, which for some reason really challenged my drafting powers. I fiddled about in the Fiberworks sketchpad for hours before I could tackle the liftplan without making mince of it. It was complicated, I think, by the fact that I had already threaded a point draw (which I had chosen as a way of getting the first lot of shapes really big and bold) so I wasn’t working from scratch. Of course, I could have rethreaded, but… Anyway, I settled for rows of interlinked shapes which are all “pointy end up” — or down, when I’m weaving them — like this:

It seems to be looking good on the loom, although I am a bit nervous about what will happen to the narrower huck areas when it is finished. Still my experience with the parquet floor design was very positive, so I’m barging ahead.

Or rather, I would be barging ahead if our neighbour’s burglar alarm wasn’t malfunctioning. Unfortunately, its high-pitched electronic tone is most audible in the loom room and I can only tolerate it for short periods without being at risk of tooth-grinding damage…

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  1. Evelyn
    | Reply

    Just love the way one can manipulate drafts with computer programming. But am I seeing an error in the upward point? It looks like the wawrp float is too long?

  2. Cally
    | Reply

    Ooh, well spotted! Fortunately, it is fine in the actual weaving, so it must have come about when I was faffing around trying to get a copy into a jpeg. My main problem with control in Fiberworks is remembering what operating mode I am in – selecting areas or clicking on things.

  3. Cally
    | Reply

    Fixed! I hope…

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