There have been many over the last few weeks, but the truth is that, for all the adjusting in the world, I am a rubbish invalid and a worse convalescent. The good news is that I have started weaving again. At first I had to keep my right leg elevated so it was a bit of an exercise in contortion, but at last it is possible for me to sit normally on the loom bench even though my left foot has to do all the work. I have been working on this, a scarf in silk and cashmere:

Well, I think a bit of luxury helps the pain, don’t you?  I had bright ideas about how this was going to work out as the cashmere was very elastic and the silk inelastic — I had hoped that the wet finishing would restore the springiness to the cashmere and I’d get a crinkly effect — but no, it has turned out determinedly flat. A flat scarf is hardly something to grumble about, however, so I am going to make another and see whether I get the same result.

This is not the combination of yarns I was planning earlier: the silk/cashmere warp was an improvisation. This is another adjustment. I find that luxury yarns make me extremely nervous. I am always so worried about wasting them that I plan myself into a corner and daren’t come out. But lovely yarns are no use at all if they are just stuck in the cupboard, so I am taking a different tack to get them off the shelves and on to the loom.

One thing I haven’t done since the accident to my ligaments is travel to the university. After I was signed off by the doctor I decided it would be better to take a leave of absence from my PhD until after Christmas. This “stops the clock” on my PhD registration so that the deadline for my next review (which was due in January) has been put back a few weeks. One less thing for me to have to worry about. It has the consequence that I don’t get paid either, but as I am not going anywhere I am quite cheap at the moment. Unless I get hooked on internet shopping, that is. Ooh look, cashmere…

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  1. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    Yes, silk and cashmere will cure almost anything! And what they don’t fix, shopping for more of ’em is sure to do the trick. Hope you’re better soon – enough to enjoy the Christmas holidays, but not enough to feel it necessary to go back to the PhD any sooner, that is.

  2. neki rivera
    | Reply

    go the luxury route to speed up your recovery and never mind the PhD.
    be good and stay warm in front of the computer 🙂

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