favourite snow pics

Just for fun, here is a comparison between the snow on the bin yesterday (Sunday)…

…and the snow on the bin today (Monday).

Yes, the sun is shining today — at least between snow showers.

My favourite shapes in the garden yesterday were the outline of the low wall at the corner of the patio…

…and the pile of paving slabs which were removed from the patio in the summer and made (at the time) a useful seating area for cats wishing to sun themselves and people eating barbecue (and cats wishing to eat barbecue, but we will gloss over that).

Stuart has been attempting to keep a path clear between the gate and the front door — although it is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge — and the corner of the patio wall now looks like this. Doesn’t it, Polly?

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  1. neki rivera
    | Reply

    brrrr! we’re expecting snow over here too.
    the low wall photo would make a gorgeous double weave.

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