on the sofa

I have a new silk warp to beam on the Megado, a new hemp warp already underway on the Delta, and a sprained ankle on the sofa. This is Not Good. But, hey, at least it is Not Broken either.

If I had a ready supply of cord I would be ply-splitting, but unfortunately I used up my little stash on our trip last week. So what is a girl to do but play with drafts on her laptop and go through the latest batch of photos?

I did get back to the scarves on Monday, during a lovely sunny spell, and took a bunch more photos of them. The best pics were achieved when I dropped them in heaps on the floor, like this:

With this camera I have generally found that daylight plus the relevant daylight settings have given me good colour representation. On Monday, however, I was having trouble getting the right colours and eventually found I got a markedly better result when the camera was set to expect fluorescent lighting. However, although this seemed to give me by far the best colours for the scarves, it bleached all the colour out of the floor (which is pale, but not bright white as it seems above). This was actually quite a fun effect to play with, so naturally I did a lot of playing….

Oops! There go the curtains and the rail – nothing left but a green-weft scarf.

And now I am playing with the results of my playing.  Here’s a heap-on-the-floor montage…

…and here’s a pattern montage (same scarf sequence):

Of them all, the green one was the one I was most worried about on the loom — but, now that it is finished, I think it is the one I would be most likely to wear myself. It goes with 90% of my wardrobe (pretty much everything except those trousers is olive green!) and the pattern has worked out fine, even if it is a bit more complex than the others. I may just have to keep it.

Of course, if I kept all four I would be able to play games like plait-the-scarves…

…but that would just be silly, wouldn’t it?

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  1. Alexis
    | Reply

    There’s something very attractive, tactile, solid . . . about the plaited scarves. its rather artistic in its own right I think (grin).

  2. neki rivera
    | Reply

    if i had to choose i’d go for second row no1on the left.it’s brilliant!
    and there’s nothing that a little photoshopping won’t do to compensate colors:)

  3. neki rivera
    | Reply

    oh! and sorry about your ankle.rest a lot and have some tea.won’t help the ankle but wont’ ham it either.

  4. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    Get well soon!

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