snowbound in the studio

Well, there is an awful lot of snow. I know you are keen to see a bin update, so here is Wednesday (compare Sunday and Monday here):

It is pretty hard for me to get beyond the garden gate now. Stuart has cleared the path again today, but beyond our walls lies deep, deep snow and my ankle is not sufficiently stable for me to walk on it safely. This has been proven the old fashioned way, by trying it, falling down and then making a spectacle of myself failing to get up again. Fortunately, this was less painful than it was funny! Anyway, for the sake of health and safety, the latest bin picture was taken through the window, as was this one of the wee lattice opposite the gate which serves as a windbreak to protect some of the plants (very important in these parts).

Isn’t it lucky that weaving is an indoor activity? (Slightly less lucky that the radiator in the loom room is kaput, but we are praying that Mr Radiator Repairs will make it through the snow tomorrow.) I have been surprisingly productive at the loom, even with only one working leg. Being both forgetful (have I shown you this before?) and lazy (I can’t be bothered to check), I am going to show you the bag I made with the hemp and cottolin echo weave in pink and orange…

…which I think has turned out rather nicely. It is lined with plain calico (I do like a light coloured lining to a bag, otherwise I can never find anything) and has a wee pocket at the side. I am now making some more in different colours and with different drafts, so that I have a nice selection for Petite Noel. In each case the threading is planned, but the treadling is improvised at the loom. Here is some finished fabric in blue and turquoise…

…and here is one on the loom in green and yellow.

My big unresolved question is Button or No Button? I would quite like to put a button on the pocket, but it would have to be the Right Button. I would rather have no button at all than the Wrong Button. None of the buttons I have is telling me absolutely Yes, I am The One, although there are some contenders. This is the sort of thing that keeps me awake at night, you know.

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8 Responses

  1. lynne

    my my my that is a lot of white fluffiness!
    I <3 the orange bag and it has me wondering how to make the bag in double weave.

  2. Evelyn

    Lots more than here right now! (though the weather is working on it). Love the bags – have plans to make one but xmas gifts of another kind are on the loom right now.

  3. Susan

    Oh, my! You have much more than we have here in BC, Canada. We’re set up for snow and expect it , though I only enjoy it for the first fall when it looks pretty and not so much after that!

    There is something special about that snow day feeling when you work in the studio and cut off from the world. That is, its even better if you still have power and heat mind you!

    Take care of your ankle!


  4. Margreet

    Cally, what a lot of snow! At the moment we only have about 1 inch over her in Holland where I live. I like the colours of your bags. I agree, the buttons have to be just right. Happy button hunting! And take care of yourself with all that snow around.

  5. Leigh

    I like your color combinations. Perfect for special buttons! I can’t believe all the snow you have. Everywhere but here. We dodged the snow bullet getting 3 and a half inches of rain the day before the temps dropped below freezing. I love the snow photos, but am happy to view them from the comfort of my own computer!

  6. neki rivera

    snow always amazes me. waiting for ours here.

  7. Alison

    Love the bags! Isn’t that design marvellous fun?

    And we still have basically no snow. I heard that some parts of Scotland are predicted *daytime* lows of -12 deg. C today, so you’d better stay nice and warm inside, with wool, I reckon. 😉

  8. Cally

    You know, today I am thinking No Button. I wonder what I’ll be thinking tomorrow?