hearts and minds required!

For this post I am (unofficially) wearing my Journal hat. You can imagine that this is quite a flamboyant hat, perhaps brightly coloured, perhaps with added foliage or maybe a few jingly bells. Anyway, it’s a hat to make you sit up and take notice — especially if you live in the UK, where such hats are uncommon.

The thing is that the Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, wonderful publication that it is, is entirely produced by volunteers. I am one of them and have been for the last three years. We have a Committee of All the Talents: gathering news, editing features, managing subscriptions, organising book reviews and everything else that a specialist magazine requires. We live in all corners (really, right in the corners) of the UK and do most of our business by email and skype though we get to meet in person four times a year. And right now it’s nomination time.

If you belong to a UK guild which is affiliated to the AGWSD — including the Online Guild — then you can get yourself a nomination form and get Journalling. Of course, being a sensible person, you’d want to know a bit more about it first, and for that you can use the contact form on the Journal website to get in touch with our secretary, Hilary. Or you can use my contact form (see up there on the right?) to get in touch with me if you’d prefer, and I’ll do my best to answer any questions. You don’t need to have any editing experience, just a love of textiles, an email address and a willingness to get involved.

I hope you’ll consider it: it would be fun to work together!

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  1. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    I hope you get lots of good people, Cally. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford the online guild this year, but thanks for pointing out that there is a website. I shall satisfy my color-seeking eyes from here.

  2. Shani Phethean-Hubble
    | Reply

    Unfortunately my time is rather overcommitted at present, but I do not take for granted all the time and effort put in by people like yourself, to publish such a vital part of my continuing professional development reading.

    Thank you.
    Best wishes Shani

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