looms on day one

In Scotland the whole nation has gone underground until Monday. Yup, here we take two days rather than one to recover from the Hogmanay experience. So be gentle with my looms and don’t make any sudden loud noises…

I’m very pleased that Meg decided to host a version of “New Year’s Looms” again this year, and I hope to see lots of participation — because who isn’t nosy about what other weavers have on their looms (or not)?

On this first day of 2011 at 13:20 GMT my looms look like this:

The Delta still holds the scarf warp I put on before Christmas (well, I’ve been tidying up, as I mentioned earlier).

The neat thing about weaving huck on the Delta is that it is easy to arrange the treadles so that my strong (left) foot is responsible for the plain weave lifts and is therefore doing twice the work of my recovering (right) foot.

The Megado is currently undressed, but there’s a warp ready to go on it later this weekend.

On my tiny W30 is a sample warp for experimenting with deflected double weave.

Having joined the CW double weave study group in the summer, I set up this warp months ago — and have woven one 7″ sample. I really need to get a move on with this and I don’t know why I haven’t, especially as weaving on a table loom would not require input from my injured ankle. The loom isn’t even in the studio; that table you see there is right in the middle of the hall and I pass it all the time. I seem to have stopped seeing it as a sample warp and it has become a table decoration instead. Must do better.

All the other looms (my four-shaft table loom and my mother’s two Ashford looms) are stowed away in the hall closet (the door of which is also just visible behind the table above) along with a couple of suitcases.

So that’s a round-up of my looms on New Year’s Day. They all wish you a very happy 2011 and so do I. Thank you for reading, for participating and for keeping me company in the loom room.

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  1. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    Lovely, lovely. You know I love your hallway, too. The double weave, I thought, was possibly colors I did not expect from you, Cally. How many treadles do you have on your Delta? One would have to have pretty long legs to reach ones on both sides!

    • Cally
      | Reply

      14 treadles in total – and, yes, I do have quite long legs 🙂

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