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The gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair are well underway now. I have finally started on sampling for a set of hangings based on the robes of these stained-glass saints. I got the yarns out the best part of a year ago with Edward the Confessor in mind. I knew I wanted to use an echo weave threading with curves in it, but I couldn’t get my head to the starting point for planning it out. Now I have taken the plunge at last.

I wanted to try and make some curves which would suggest the shapes of the birds, like this:

And I want to vary the shades of blue and gold across the cloth, like this:

These wrappings have two or three strands of yarn in every end, so I will definitely be winding the two layers separately. I also want to introduce a bit more texture by replacing some of the multi-strand ends with thicker silk yarns. It has taken me several days to get to this point, and this is just for a 7″ wide sample warp! The sampling will, I hope, get a few things straight in my head that are all confused at the moment. Like whether I want to start from the bottom or the top, for instance.

It has been good to break through this barrier of inertia, and I am already noticing the difference. I was completely paralysed as to what I would do for the other saint images, but now an idea has started to form about St Cuthbert which involves frayed supplementary warp ends. Or perhaps that is just my hair-tearing?

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  1. Evelyn
    | Reply

    Love the variety of blues and golds. I get a sense of the fabric drapery as well as the birds in the curve of the design and am looking forward to the end results!

  2. Lynnette
    | Reply

    I love echo weave and think that it will be a great weave structure to explore with your colour choice.

  3. Catherine
    | Reply

    I just love the colours Cally and am amazed that you managed to weave curves! I love the idea of texture and fraying and look forward to the next picture!

  4. marion berkhout
    | Reply

    It looks great, the idea at itself is great.
    I learn so much by reading blogs like yours.

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