midwinter treats

At this stage of the winter I really do need a few treats. I am up to my eyebrows in work of every description — except for the work I want to be doing at the loom — and the weather is doing its level best to make that work harder. But look what arrived in the post a couple of weeks ago: a late, surprise post-Christmas present courtesy of a conspiracy (one can only suppose) between Stuart and Laura Fry.

Those yarns weren’t part of the surprise, they just muscled into the picture. Part of the surprise that isn’t shown, though, is one of Laura’s handwoven tea towels — a companion piece to the two I already have. Am I lucky, or am I lucky? I had requested Magic in the Water for Christmas, but for various technical reasons S wasn’t able to make that happen. Instead he came up with an alternative fabulous gift: a DAB radio with iPod dock for the loom room. The FM signal in there is rubbish so the DAB was a brilliant idea. And now I have Magic as well!

We have also been organising a joint treat for the entire household: a new bed, big enough for people AND cats to get a good night’s sleep. It has been delayed by assorted problems, but finally arrived on Thursday and lives up to all our most extravagant expectations. In the six week waiting period, I had managed to enhance this treat still further by securing a pair of new bedside rugs from the clearance sale at Roger Oates. We are huge fans of their rugs and runners, and would fill our home with them if we could afford it. I was so chuffed that I had managed to get a pair of rugs just the right size and colour for our bedroom at a bargain price, and even more chuffed that I managed to keep it a secret. Then the invoice flopped onto the doormat in a big envelope labelled “Roger Oates” and my secret was dashed. Ah well, here is a glimpse of the new (wool, flatweave) ruggage in action:

Plus I forgot to show you how this textured scarf turned out. Rather nicely, as it happens: a very satisfactory proof-of-concept in textured echo weave. The colours of the two warp layers are very similar, but you can see a suggestion of the pattern — especially where the gunmetal weft is dominant.

After finishing, the overall length shrank from 106″ to 62″. I was going to hem it and did a row of zig-zag stitch as preparation, but as the zig-zag pretty much disappeared into the surface of the fabric I decided that was sufficient. I also decided that I would keep the scarf, so there’s another treat.

I propose to spend the next two months sitting in bed, wearing my scarf and reading Magic in the Water. I’ll get up in time for Easter.

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  1. Margreet
    | Reply

    Oh lucky you with Magic in the Water. I was able to have a look at the library one from the Association 2 years ago. That was a treat but being able to look at it always……
    Lovely scarf in the last picture, quite right to keep it for yourself.

  2. Susan Harvey
    | Reply

    Hey! Nice treat… that was my winter treat a couple of winters ago, but not with the towel along for the ride.
    Lots to read, feel and learn in those!

    We got a new mattress a few years ago and WOW! What a difference it can make. Bruce still has to pry me out of bed in the mornings…. I loves it!

    Love the scarf and bedside rugs as well. What is said steel grey weft yarn and where did you get it?
    …or have you gone back and scoffed it all up?

    🙂 Susan

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Hi Susan
      The grey weft is a 30/2 Nm silk from Handweavers Studio. I am pretty sure I left at least a little bit for other shoppers… I have both the gunmetal and the steel, which is a bit bluer. Plus a few other colours I’m not owning up to yet!

  3. neki rivera
    | Reply

    magic is one of the fundamental books. good for stuart 🙂

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