promising start

More promising than I expected, in fact. I got myself into a ridiculous pickle over my deflected double weave (DDW) tie-up.

I had planned to weave it on the Delta using a skeleton tie-up so that I could mix and match the behaviour of different blocks, as I did with this “normal” double weave sampler. A skeleton tie-up for a countermarche loom works fine as long as you dedicate certain treadles to certain blocks, but it does mean that you are somewhat constrained as to the number of combinations you can have. I thought I had it all worked out over 11 treadles, but as soon as I sat down on the floor I realised it wasn’t right. And several sheets of squared paper later, it still wasn’t right.

In the end, to save my sanity (I am supposed to be working to a deadline here!), I decided to cut my losses and go for a straightforward one-treadle-one-lift tie-up. It took all 14 treadles but it does do what I had planned. Part of my problem is that I actually have a triple weave: the grey wool/silk, the green silk and the orange silk are all acting independently. I didn’t mean to complicate it, but found myself irresistably drawn that way.

So, my sample piece looked like this when I cut it off the loom…

…and like this after finishing.

No, it didn’t actually change colour, that’s just my poor photography. The “after” pic is a bit more accurate — but I can’t really go back and take another “before” pic… That didn’t stop me playing around in Photoshop to see whether I could match the proper colours: I couldn’t, but I did have a good play. Because the cloth is mostly grey, I could change the colours of the silks with minimal impact on the background, like this:

So much fun, and on a Monday too. Anyway, I am pleased with the little silky squiggles on the grey wool/silk and am off to weave up a scarf. I also need to go back to my Fiberworks draft and record the outcome of all that squared paper business. But before I do either of those, I am going to try a new kind of ginger tea.

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  1. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    Very cool DDW! And I keep a stash of about 6 different ginger tea varieties – I’m addicted to it.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Me too! Though I only have three varieties, so now I have tea envy.

  2. Evelyn
    | Reply

    looks like fun playing with deflected double weave. What would happen if you used a shinking yarn for the squiggles? The tea sounds deliciious.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      There are so many options: shrinking squiggles with non-shrinking background, shrinking squiggles with shrinking background, non-shrinking… I guess I’ll just have to try them all and find out.

  3. neki rivera
    | Reply

    woo! very nice. you’ve got a year of studies here.

  4. Dot
    | Reply

    What a fun weave, I like your choices of strong colours for the squiggle yarns.

  5. Leigh
    | Reply

    I love the way it squiggles. Funny, because this type of weaving doesn’t usually impress me (I’m a fuddy dud who prefers plain ol’ old fashioned results 🙂 But I really like this!

    I was interested that you tried to work on color accuracy with Photoshop. I’ve done the same with GIMP, but haven’t been all that successful. Still, it’s fun to try.

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