blood and mesh

This afternoon saw the last of the Christmas book tokens traded in for assorted reading matter. Then we had a cup of tea at the café upstairs where we were kept from plummeting onto the books below by this diamond mesh. I was really intrigued by the patterns in the corner where the two layers at different angles appear to overlap.

Back at home, I finished the pink and orange warp and cut it off the loom, whereupon it looked like this:

I washed it and then started fulling it in little 10 minute bursts of drying, but had to stop when Phoebus came home with great clumps of fur hanging off him and streaks of blood on his white bits. Total wound tally has so far reached 5: one scratch over left eye, one scratch over right eye, bite to the top of the head, ripped claw on back foot and baldy patch on his chest (ah, so that’s where the fur clumps came from). There may be more injuries that we haven’t found yet, but these were the most obvious. He is now cleaned up and sleeping it off. Luckily I remembered to switch the dryer off, or I’d be biting bits out of him myself. I’ll assess the state of fulling in the morning and see whether any more is required.

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  1. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    My previous cat used to come home with all the bites on his rearmost parts (tail, haunches) – indicating that he did not meet the enemy head on :-). Give Phoebus a pat for me, when he’s feeling up to it.

  2. Sheila in Kelowna
    | Reply

    Best wishes for Phoebus!
    And I think I’m seeing some iridescence there.:-)

  3. Alice in Richmond
    | Reply

    I see the iridescence too! Lovely.

    Phoebus: the Emperor sends his props, and he will meet you anytime in the alley….

  4. Dot
    | Reply

    I hope Phoebus is recovering well – I hope he doesn’t get any abcesses developing, I learnt when my late cat Oscar once got an abcess from a fight that they need to be treated fast. He never had wounds like this though, I wonder what kind of creature he has met?

  5. Cally
    | Reply

    Phoebus is doing well, thanks, in spite of the fact that we have identified several further wounds. His main problem is currently grumpiness as it has been raining and/or snowing almost non-stop since Saturday and this does not tie in with his plans.

    He used to get dreadful infections when he was bitten, requiring frequent vet visits and antibiotic jags; however, he has fought with the same cat so many times that he now appears to have developed immunity to the bacteria on his enemy’s teeth! Not sure that this is altogether A Good Thing, but it does save us a lot of money and Phoebus a lot of trips in the cat carrier…

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