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Thanks for all the feedback on my last post: some hearteningly positive vibes and lots to think about. Several of you like the tooty frooty floats more than I do, which suggests that the put-it-away-and-forget-about-it approach may offer some success. It’s not the float length that bothers me – they are only about half an inch — but the messiness. I am probably too much of a control freak ever to be comfortable with differential shrinkage, and yet I seem to be addicted to it. Ah well. I think I mentioned that the purpose of this experiment in deflected double weave — or triple weave as it turned out — was to participate in the Complex Weavers double weave study group, so I am quite happy that my “learning goals” have been met whatever the resulting cloth looks like! I have to say that working with three shuttles was not my favourite thing, so there’s something to chalk up to experience. By the way, just as I was finishing up my study group documentation I noticed that Sandra posted to WeaveTech about one of several multi-layered scarves she had woven: now this is classy.

I’m also glad you like the saint sample and the way the fine silk shows off the warp. I’m quite nervous about these hangings as I haven’t made anything like them before – well, anything like how I’m envisaging them (setting myself up for that expectation issue again…), so I am progressing at a slower-than-treacle pace. My deadline is October, though, so I can’t shilly-shally forever. While I plan the next step I have put on a quick and easy warp in merino and tencel.

I’m going to try a turquoise weft, just for kicks. Phoebus looks as though he has seen something almost as scary.

The poor boy has been having one of those feline-freak-out evenings, but ssshhhhh, I think we’re all asleep now…

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