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I’m still spying on the Unite selection, but have moved on to the ceramicists. I love ceramics. That is, I love ceramics made by other people.

My own potential pottery career was nipped in the bud when I was about 13: other pupils may have been kept in at lunch time to redo their maths homework; I was kept in to redo my failing slab pot. The rework was just as bad as the original. It might not have been so bad if our pottery teacher hadn’t been a terrifying personage with nails like talons* and a temper to match. I’m told that some people feel panicky at the sight of an equation. That’s how I feel about clay.

Fortunately, there are some fearless people out there in the world, making clay into pots so I don’t have to. And I absolutely love what they do. The finished object has a completely different effect on me: I feel about pots the way other people feel about shoes. They are some of the most desirable objects in the universe and I’d fill my house with them if I could. S is the same. Alas, our budget is smaller than our pot-lust, but we do treat ourselves to the occasional mug, bowl, tile or vase.

Here’s a gallery of some of our favourite items around the house (roll the mouse over each one for a caption).

Anyway, so much for my personal weakness. Here are some links for the ceramic artists who will be exhibiting at Unite:

Wendy Kershaw

Philomena Pretsell

Nancy Fuller

Myer Halliday

Mags Gray

Lorraine Robson

Julia Smith

Fiona Thompson

Allison Weightman

What shall I look at next?

I have been working as well: the Tooty Frooty scarf is finished (rather a disappointment, I’m afraid) and the blue/gold samples are nearly done (much more satisfactory). I will post about these, honest I will. It’s just that I have been up to my eyes in weave-text for a Journal deadline so have been finding loom time much more therapeutic than writing-about-loom time!

* We were collectively baffled by her ability to work clay with such nails as those — it just added to the terror.

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