a moment to breathe

I realised today that I hadn’t changed the calendar to the April page yet, and it is already more than half gone. It has been a wee bit hectic for the last few weeks.

First there was our trip to London, whose main purpose (alas) was not fun and games but meetings and more meetings. Though we did sneak in a few games too, such as this one with Nansi and Abigail at the Science Museum.

I know it is rather fuzzy — I was camera-less and my phone doesn’t take good pictures in dim lighting. Abigail is enjoying a virtual pool of water, full of rocks and little fish that dart around. The pool is an image projected on to the floor and the super-marvellous-brilliant thing about it is that when you jump in it, you make the water splash and ripple. The little fish all scurry out of the way. And you don’t even need to take off your shoes and socks.

We also saw a fascinating exhibition about dirt — through the centuries and around the world. If you are in London before the end of August, then this is one to see (although, unlike the Science Museum, it is not friendly to young children — it’s more maps and prints than buttons and virtual water).

When we came home I just had a few days to prepare my things for Unite, so there was much loom-time by day and much fringe-twisting by night.

Then I went back to the day job last week and had undergraduate reports to mark — fortunately, these were group reports so only a quarter as many as usual — and I had to prepare for my annual PhD review which took place this morning. Plus, of course, there was the Unite preview last Friday and another event, the Makers’ Day, on Saturday.

Suddenly, I have done all that. Sure there is plenty left to do. I have been trying to keep up with Journal activities throughout, but that to-do list is exceptionally long. However, the next big deadline is not until 7th May, when I am doing a workshop for my guild.

I have a plan in my head — hey, I even have a plan on paper — of what I want to cover, but there is much to do in the way of preparing notes, handouts, materials and so on. Luckily we have a slew of bank holidays coming up so that’s my designated time for getting it all organised.

On the regular April days which remain, I am rather hoping that I might find some time and energy for a bit of creative thinking. All the areas of my life could use some.

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  1. Kerstin
    | Reply

    Interesting – “dirt” must be very fashionable. There is abig exhibition called Garbage at the Nordiska Muesst in Stockholm… (http://nordiskamuseet.se/Publication.asp?publicationid=14081&cat=148&catName=utstallningar&topmenu=148 – there are fewer pictures on the English page)

    Now, the question becomes: how do we weave dirt/garbage? Rag weaving?

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Thanks for the link – it looks like another interesting show, and even I could understand the video 🙂

  2. Evelyn
    | Reply

    Wow – you have been busy – hopefully you have some play time to stimulate the creativity.

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