catching up

While I was away, the world seems to have been blogging like crazy. Are you always as busy as this?

First up, I was excited to see that Sandra has finished her weaving based on my photo taken back in January. It’s amazing what she can do with black and white yarns!

Thanks to my aunt’s recent recommendation, I have started following Elizabeth Barton’s blog, and I find her cogitations really interesting. Like this one about conveying emotion in a visual art form. She has a real gift for putting words around a process that can be hard to capture.

I was also amused to see a post by Laura Fry which featured the very same method of replacing knotty warp threads which I failed at so dismally the other day. Laura was really talking about challenges of a rather more serious nature, but dodgy warps don’t help! I’m pleased to report that I was able to repair my warp end quite successfully, and even have the picture to prove it.

Needle-weaving in progress

Actually, now I look at the photo I can see that the thread on the surface pretty much obscures what I was doing — but that’s probably just as well since you might start pointing out my mistakes.

Meanwhile, the prize for longest-running project goes to Evelyn who has been handspinning natural-coloured cotton for 15 years — although she has only just got around to blogging about it! I’m so impressed I am (almost) speechless.

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  1. Evelyn
    | Reply

    I hadn’t added it up – 15 yrs! and not much to show for it either! Ah well, I just spin for the pleasure, but it sounds as though I had better be the one to catch up. 😉 The silk scarf (?) looks gorgeous, mistake or no.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Didn’t mean to make you feel bad – I’m impressed by your persistence! I spin for the pleasure too, but my boredom threshhold is waaayyyy lower than that.

  2. neki rivera
    | Reply

    thanks for the link to Elisabeth’s blog. great reads!

    • neki rivera
      | Reply

      oops quick posting! also meant to comment on your beautiful colors

  3. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    Cally Booker, Photographer. 🙂

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