Graffiti scarves

I call these scarves my Graffiti Collection, as the bold shapes and strong colours are inspired by the graffiti in my local skate park. I walk past it every day on my way to the studio and as the graffiti is constantly changing, so I am continually experimenting with new colour combinations. So far I have developed three different designs on this theme.

flow group

Flow‘ scarves feature long sweeping curves which are improvised at the loom.

rust curves 2 new

Pulse‘ scarves have a regular rhythm.

C Booker 06 Pulse scarf in orange-teal-purple (2)

Beat‘ scarves combine rhythm with improvisation to make a particularly dynamic pattern.

black-red-orange 1 new

Look closely at any of these scarves and you can see the richness of colour which comes from combining multiple strands of fine yarn in different shades.

C Booker 03 Flow scarf detail

Graffiti scarves” was first posted by Cally on 18 April 2011 at and updated 22 Feb 2013 & 21 July 2013

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  1. Julia
    | Reply

    Lovely, lovely scarves! I can see why you are taken with echo weave. It’s just the best feeling to see your work on display – enjoy every moment!

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