mighty mug rugs

Yes, it has been a while. Sorry. Lots going on — rather too much, in fact — so that there hasn’t been time to blog about it. Now, of course, my head is too full of stuff to make a sensible post. But randomly in the middle of running about London last week — yes, we Made an Excursion — I remembered that I wanted to tell you about the coasters.

The coasters? Yes, that’s right. You don’t know what I am talking about because I barely got around to mentioning them at the time, but recently I had cause to unearth the couple that remain and that reminded me. Having enjoyed exploring Goethe’s “serious” colours for the silk scarves, I wondered whether I could play about with some of his other colour groupings. I have lots (and lots and lots) of yarns in the violet-red-orange range, and these are the colours Goethe characterises as “mighty”. And since “serious scarves” was (to me) a pleasing alliteration, I thought I’d have a go at “mighty mug rugs” which would be alliterative, small and suitable for Christmas presents.

I have a wide range of the mighty colours in both 10/2 cotton and a much thicker silk – not sure about the count, I’m afraid. I reckoned to combine them in summer and winter, which meant using the Megado so that I wasn’t limited by the treadling options. I came up with a threading on 16 shafts which I thought would allow me lots of flexibility in designing symmetrical patterns, but in fact I got hooked on the first pattern I tried and never went any further — revisiting it now, I can see that it would work perfectly well on 8 shafts, and Fiberworks tells me it only needs 12 treadles.

This was the draft I used,

which makes them look somewhat elongated, but in fact they wove up wider and shorter. I added sufficient plain weave at each end that, when the mug rugs were hemmed, they came out square. Here are a few of them showing off for the camera.

This was actually a great project for my low boredom threshhold. Although I ended up weaving about three dozen of these, there were no two the same. I did three separate warps, and within each warp there were so many possible combinations of pattern colour and tabby colour that I never ran out of options.

One of the warps was not actually a “mighty” warp but a “moody” warp: mixing the violet with blues rather than red and orange.

Anyway, they made very Useful and Acceptable Gifts when presented in little boxes of four, so I feel rather guilty for having forgotten about them. I hope this post will soothe their feelings. Along with this picture.

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  1. Evelyn
    | Reply

    Great colours – mighty or moody! What a perfect way to do small colour studies and have lots of gifts.

  2. Annie MacHale
    | Reply

    These are so pretty!

  3. Trapunto
    | Reply

    These look really fun to weave. Your pattern makes the most of size. The would be more attention span friendly than a bookmark, and more useful. I don’t like to put something as thick as a piece of cloth in a book, whereas am always scrabbling for a piece of paper when I want to put down my mug. Much nicer to have pretty pieces of cloth scattered around the house than old shopping lists with water rings on them.

  4. Julia
    | Reply

    Those are lovely, and I’m sure would be appreciated by the recipients!

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