Yesterday we went to the preview for Unite (where we = Stuart, my mother and me) and so did lots and lots of other people. This was a Good Thing for many reasons, although the large numbers meant that I hardly managed to see anything! I tried to snatch a quick picture of my yardage and my scarves – the yardage photo is not too bad (with apologies to whoever is on the left of the picture)…

…but the scarf picture is all blurry. I didn’t even try to photograph anyone else’s work or get their permission to do so — I recommend you try the websites in this post if you want to have a good nose around — but I know you will be curious about the object in the bottom right of the picture. That is a little bit of a silicone-wrapped chair by Lucy Fergus and you can see proper images of her work on her website. You may even be able to see a few proper images of my work on my website, if you look very hard…

In fact, I am really pleased with the way my work has been displayed. I will see if I can nip back into the gallery next week and take another photo of the scarves. But since I promised you some pretty scarf pictures this time, here is how the brand new ones were looking at the end of last week before they were prepared for packing:

Lots more echo weave as you can see, but with some variation in materials, in tie-up and treadling, and in finishing. I’m really enjoying the variety of things that I can explore with this structure. The two crinkly-looking ones really are crinkly as they have been felted quite hard to shrink the woolly part.

The ones that haven’t been felted are very light to the touch, and I’d say they were perfect for spring if spring hadn’t been so cold today. Get your felted scarves back on, people! My favourite is the one I wove on the same warp as the crinkly scarf in the close-up. It has a rust-coloured weft and a 3/1/2/2/2/2/1/3 tie-up, and the colour fairy seems to have been in a good mood the day I wove it. Here it is laid out rather wonkily on the ironing board (before trimming, I’m afraid) to show off its A-side and then its B-side (click to biggify).

Putting away the ironing and getting back to the preview… it was great to meet some interesting people and learn about their work, and I did more of that today too. So much of that, in fact, that I am too tired to process the information properly, so I will have to come back to it.

However, there was some Very Bad News as well, as you can see in this news article from last Wednesday. The Collins Gallery is part of the University of Strathclyde, but the university has decided it no longer wants a gallery. Or a theatre. Or any music. They are cutting all their arts activities to save a grand total of about £250,000. Some famous people are not impressed. I am not impressed either. That’s one of the reasons why it was good to see the gallery absolutely packed last night, even if it meant that I didn’t see much craft!

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  1. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    Lovely scarves. I love your yardage, though it make me sad to see it because it makes me think of your brother and his family. And I can’t help but feel the significance of your mother having been there with you.

    I take it the wee piece on the side is so people can touch a sample? That is a brilliant idea.

  2. Evelyn
    | Reply

    Love echo weave and the combination of two yarns is fantastic. It is nice to see the beautiful yardage so well displayed.

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