rats and cats

Today craftscotland have posted a lovely set of photos of the Unite exhibition on flickr: you can find them all here. Evelyn expressed surprised at finding rats in the very first picture — they and their cousins the pigeons are by Karen MacDonald. I am really pleased by this photo of my yardage.

Having shown Phoebus at rest in his herb garden yesterday, I was expecting him to spend another dozy day in the sun today. Well he did, up to a point. But Delinquent Cat has also been back into battle, and came home with great big holes in his scalp again. Fortunately, he is exceptionally laid back when it comes to the inspection and treatment of wounds…

… If only he were that relaxed about the territorial issues. <Sigh>

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  1. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    It’s a guy thing… “Nothing wrong with me, so no worries; except that %$@M^$# that won’t stay off my turf!”

  2. Evelyn
    | Reply

    That is a beautiful photo of your fabric. All the photos are great, even of the rats!. Phoebus isn’t feeling any remorse over his behaviour. Has he been – um, you know – snipped?

  3. Cally
    | Reply

    He has indeed! Though for all the difference it makes… Ah well. I believe his Arch Enemy is a sweet cuddly softie at home as well.

  4. Julia
    | Reply

    Oh, Phoebus. It’s a good thing he’s handsome. Beautiful weaving, as always!

  5. Trapunto
    | Reply

    That looks like a cat who knows how to get what he wants!

  6. Jan McHugh
    | Reply

    Goodness me just got home from work and decided to google David Gurney as I am trying to find out what wool he got me to use on my sample. I am amazed that you popped up and am having fun looking around your site and all the things you have been up to. You lucky lady having a studio. Since returning to New Zealand I have reassembled my floor loom, it gets patted and loved most days but is sooo time comsuming getting anything done. I find so many other things intrude into my life. I did two courses in Turrif with David it was such a great time and Kate looked after us so well. Do you have any idea what wool he used and if I would be able to purchase any, am shocked that in the 14or more years that I have been away from NZ a lot of the supply from mills has deminished. Love your bright coloured warps. Jan

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Hi Jan, thank you for your kind comments. That’s a good question about David Gurney – I am not sure about the wool. I seem to remember that quite a bit of it was Shetland, but as to where it came from… There aren’t very many Scottish suppliers to handweavers, but J C Rennie is one of them so you might try their retail site at http://www.knitrennie.com/. The main site is http://www.jcrennie.com/ but I don’t see any NZ agents listed there.

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