Right, those handouts I mentioned? Weird they may be, but at least they are printed, collated, stapled and ready to go. I’ve also got everything else lined up, I hope.

From front to back we have:

  • the notes!
  • box of samples to illustrate the notes
  • yarns for the practical exercises
  • more stuff for the exercises
  • my trusty basket of oddments

The basket is where I throw all the bits of yarn I have left which aren’t quite long enough to be anything more than a taster. You never know when you might just need two or three yards of hairy blue wool or silky orange ribbon. To the untrained eye it probably looks like a waste basket, but this is definitely not waste – it is miniaturised stash.

And isn’t that picture of a face amazing? It is the head of a statue which must be in the garden of a National Trust property somewhere, as that is one of the NT desk diaries of the last few years. My in-laws give me an NT desk diary every Christmas, but I never use them as diaries: I just pillage them for all the fabulous photographs.

Out of sight there is also a big bag of books which are coming along for the ride. All I have left to do is a bit of paper-slicing with the guillotine. I propose to do that this evening as an accompaniment to news coverage of the referendum result. It seems appropriate.

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  1. Julia
    | Reply

    Congratulations! That’s a lot of work. You look very organized, and I’m sure the workshop will be fantastic! Keeping fingers crossed for your referendum. The paper cutter is an apt analogy in a lot of places nowadays, sadly.

  2. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    Loved the YouTube analyses of the referendum (especially Stephen Fry’s). And wish I could attend your guild presentation!

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Alas it has all come to naught and we still have FPTP. Along with some very funny YouTube clips!

  3. Evelyn
    | Reply

    You are a Very prepared workshop presenter!
    The referendum video was funny and- very appropriate to what happened in Canada on May 2!

  4. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    Darn,I didn’t get picked to test-drive your material. Never mind, best of luck, and look forward to the reports. Also, another day, can we get a better look at your rug? Looks most interesting!

  5. Judy
    | Reply

    Australia has preferential voting (which seems to be AV from a quick look) plus voting is compulsory. I like both aspects, though nothing’s perfect. (purr-fect?)

    Would love to be able to attend your workshop. Darn tyranny of distance.

  6. Cally
    | Reply

    Sorry Meg – I was too shy! Seems to have worked OK although I may have frightened a few folk with too much stuff. I was afraid of having too little, so erred the other way… One of those things you just have to learn by doing.

    Judy, the “No to AV” campaign over here were forever telling us that Australia is the only big country to have AV and that Australians didn’t like it! I’d like compulsory voting too. Turnout for the Scottish parliament election seems to have been around 50-60% which I find rather disheartening. I love my vote.

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