Pastels and playthings

This week I’m trying out a very different colour scheme on the loom. The warp is a pale turquoise silk and ecru merino/silk and my first weft is an ecru silk.

I wove up and lightly felted some samples, and this combination worked particularly well as the ecru silk is almost invisible in the finished cloth – except that you seem to see something glittering in there…

I’m still experimenting with different appoaches to echo weave and this tie-up has a bit of plain weave in it. If you get down close to it and look along the twill line you can see that it is broken in places.

It seems to have a sort of crystalline appearance, or perhaps that is just me getting carried away with the glitteriness. I am not generally very keen on pale colours, which was why I was determined to give them a try. I quite liked the warp chain when it was hanging over the loom, but I am slightly concerned now that, next to the relatively sharp and cold shade of turquoise, the ecru may just look like dirty snow.

I was just about to attach my camera to the laptop to upload these photos when Polly leapt off the desk with some contraband and headed for the door. Does anyone recognise this turquoise object?

It is this…

…the USB flash drive bracelet from last summer’s Complex Weavers seminar and Polly’s new favourite toy. She has no sense of shame about this choice. Sometimes she approaches people-things tentatively, as one who knows that she may be heading for trouble, but not in this case – she sees it, she grabs it, she makes off with it, it’s hers. Turns out it rolls surprisingly well.

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  1. Geodyne
    | Reply

    The scarf is absolutely stunning. I love the complex yet subtle interplay of structure and colour.

  2. Shirley Treasure
    | Reply

    Love the blend of warp colours Xxx

  3. neki rivera
    | Reply

    very attractive color combination and ohh those riveting selvedges!! 🙂

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