It’s a horrible day. As if a Monday morning wasn’t a stressful enough event in itself, this one brought the additional horrors of howling gales and driving rain. The cats spent much of it beating each other up (a popular bad weather alternative to going outdoors) but have now retired to bed. I rather fancy that option myself. It’s now lunchtime and I believe I do detect a brightening of the sky, although the hanging bird feeders are still horizontal — they serve as our equivalent of a weather vane, at least as long as they remain attached to the tree…

Still, the fearless postie made it through the gales to bring me not one but two exciting packages. The first package contained my P2P2 images, which have been sent all the way from New Zealand by none other than Meg. Thanks Meg! This is what they look like:

My first reactions to picture 1 are warmth, touch, detail, hidden.

My first reactions to picture 2 are fresh, energy, growth, air, sharp.

My first reactions to picture 3 are contrasts, intensity, variety, noise, senses.

My first reactions to picture 4 are hard, subtle, reveal, shadows, depth.

My first reactions to picture 5 are strength, power, exuberance, anger, energy.

I’m not rushing anywhere with these images, but am planning to take my time just looking at them for a while. My first response may well be over-turned by later reflection.

And package number two? Rather more prosaic to look at, but I have plans for this little cone of Shetland wool. I’ve got a project in mind which involves putting this together with some brightly coloured silks and a soup├žon of stainless steel. I’m not sure whether it will work out as planned — but if I were sure then there wouldn’t be much point in doing it, would there? More later.




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  1. Evelyn
    | Reply

    Interesting reactions to the photos. I wonder if/how that will evolve.

  2. Shirley Treasure
    | Reply

    i like how u describe the feeling of each pic! I haven’t got mine yet so not sure what way I’m going to react…..always very interesting..

  3. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    It feels so strange to see my pics on your blog, but I hope there was something you fancy. It was a far more eclectic collection than last year, I felt.

    Also, are you getting the volcanic ash also? Nobody here is naming the volcano itself, yet, but we understand the ash is blowing your way.

  4. Alice in Richmond
    | Reply

    I can’t wait to see how everyone in P2P2 works out their inspiration!

    And of course glitter eggs will hatch as emus or eagles and either way I will be in trouble.

  5. marion berkhout
    | Reply

    Thank God it’s thuesday hihi.

  6. neki rivera
    | Reply

    wild things ahead:)

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