you asked for it

At least some of you did.

My wardrobe is chiefly olive green, purple and turquoise, though pink is starting to creep up on me as Trapunto expressed it. This is partly because it goes so well with olive green (and pretty well with purple and turquoise too), and partly because it is available. If I were inside the jacket I would also more than likely be wearing an olive green skirt and these shoes:

I know that many people are very partial to shoes. I am not such a person. My feet are big and my teenage years were blighted by the complete lack of anything large enough to wear which didn’t have clumpy heels and laces. Those years left me with a profound distaste for shoe-shopping. However, shoe sizes in the UK are starting to catch up with me and these green and gold shoes mark a significant event. I went out one lunchtime a couple of years ago to buy a pair of shoes, went into the shoe shop, saw these shoes, tried them on, bought them and walked out again. My first ever instant shoe shopping success! However, given the choice, I’d still much rather buy a bag…

Actually, the recollection of my teenage years probably has less to do with my shoes than with the significance of today’s date: Stuart is 44 today. It seems like only a minute ago that my father was 44 on this very day, and now my husband is that age. I will therefore follow shortly.

The reason why I particularly remember Dad turning 44 is that it was the year of the four 4-cakes. My friend Katie lived across the road from me and her father’s birthday was just a week before my father’s. There was a cookery shop in the town which hired out cake tins in fancy shapes and Katie had the bright idea of renting a 4-shaped tin for the week of the birthdays. At the beginning of the week we baked a 44 for her dad and at the end of the week we baked another 44 for mine. By the time we took the tin back to the shop we were both pretty tired of baking 4s. I am not renting a 4-shaped tin this year, but I have just made an Orkney fudge cheesecake…

…which is now in the fridge so I’m afraid you can’t have a piece until later.

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  1. Sheila Carey
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday to Stuart!

    We share our birthday – except I’ve got 21 years on him. 🙂

    Love your jacket/scarf combination.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Happy Birthday! What a popular day – it is Janet’s birthday as well today, though my dad still has the most years…

  2. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    What a lovely, spring-appropriate outfit! I’m sure you wore it proudly and stylishly. Tell Stuart happy birthday from California.

  3. Belinda Rose
    | Reply

    Cake and clothes all look scrummy. And pockets too! I never knew you had foot size issues. I sympathise with the buy all shoes you can get your foot in scene. Now bags – pure pleasure. HPPY BRDY Stuart.

  4. Margreet
    | Reply

    Lovely combination of jacket and scarf!
    I did a search for the Orkney cheesecake, found lots and it must be yummy.
    Happy Birthday to Stuart.

  5. Evelyn
    | Reply

    Nice combo! I can see it with the green skirt and those shoes are perfect. Is the jacket frabric handwoven also? Orkney cheesecake – it sounds yummy – must look this up and Happy Birthday Stuart!

  6. neki rivera
    | Reply

    a very stylish outfit and the scarf complements it beautifully.
    joining the birthday chorus for Stuart.

  7. Cally
    | Reply

    If the fabric is handwoven then it’s not by me! Just regular high street clothing, but one of my favourite things.

    And Stuart says thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes.

  8. Trapunto
    | Reply

    My husband recently bought a copy of Esquire magazine for some graphic design research. He was reading me the men’s fashion hints. It seems that if you are a well-dressed man wearing “separates” this season, your jacket must always be the busiest part of your outfit. Busy jacket, less busy tie, shirt, pants. My point: you are following Esquire’s fashion advice, and from your picture it clearly it works for women too! I *am* partial to shoes in complete defiance of my big feet and fallen arches. Those green ones are awesome-on-wheels. Or. Um. Feet.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Wow. I am amazed to think I might qualify as well-dressed, even a well-dressed man! To be honest I don’t wear many patterned things at all. I bought a patterned shirt once (yes, once – about twenty years ago) and every time I tried to wear it I felt as though I was shouting at myself. It is a bit limiting, but I have since stuck to plain shirts. And ties. Or would, if I wore ties.

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