dreich days

The weather has been doing a wonderful job of keeping itself in harmony with the general mood around here. This “summer” has been turning into quite the season of grey days and bad news. I am not sure that one would automatically be cheered up by a glimpse of blue sky, but I’d quite like to be able to put that idea to the test at least. But here we are, under our gloomy pall and getting generally damp without ever being properly wet.

So, staying indoors then. And finding a bit of consolation in films (Potiche is delightful – I heartily recommend it) and felting. Pummelling the living daylights out of Lava Flow, in other words.

I was quite pleased to find I had a good built-in measure of progress on the felting. The unfelted piece was about a foot longer than my largest piece of bubble wrap. The felted piece is exactly the same length as the bubble wrap. I included the central silk section in the general dowsing, but left it completely untouched in the pummelling. Then I soaked the whole piece in a basin of water to rinse out the soap and squeezed it out gently. I wasn’t sure how I would then coax it into shape, but in fact the squeezing produced the result I wanted without any difficulty. The resulting fabric is still springy and lively from the stainless steel yarn, and has longitudinal rather than transverse folds in it so it looks much more like “flow” than my sample.

I left it to dry flat (or flattish, rather) and when it had reached the “still just a bit damp” stage I pegged it up from one end. I didn’t want to drape it over anything and risk an unwanted pleat. We have an excellent spot for pegging but it is several feet up in the air, so I can’t really photograph it at the moment. I’m someone who quite likes heights, but there are heights and then there are stepladders…

The next two things to decide are (1) whether to include all the fabric in the final piece or just a part of it and (2) how to hang it (other than with pegs, that is).

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  1. Margreet
    | Reply

    After days of rain we have a small heatwave at the moment. Thunder for tomorrow though.
    Looking forward to seeing your final piece.
    For drying, I use a drainpipe of about 2m length and 15cm diameter. Wholes drilled at either end to hang it up when in use. Also very useful for drying skeins that have been dyed.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      That’s a great idea, thanks Margreet. I’ll have to try it.

  2. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    Oh, yeah. I know that weather. In the 2 years we lived just outside London, we never had what I’d call “summer.” “Spring” maybe, but not “summer.” Can’t wait to see the finished Lava Flow!

  3. Margreet
    | Reply

    In my comment I meant holes drilled of course, not wholes 🙁

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