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That’s where my warping board normally resides, but it has come down from the wall so it can have a day out at the guild tomorrow. It’s time for part two of the workshop we started last month. Last time we were planning multi-coloured warps, but tomorrow is about getting practical. Some of the class were very keen to take their wrappings forward into weavings, others just wanted to have some hands-on practice at dressing the loom. So I’ve got a pile of weaving hardware in the hall and we’ll just see what happens.

It’s been the most incredibly hot summer’s day here today; we almost thought we were back in New Jersey. We treated ourselves to an early work finish and a trip to the DCA for nachos, beer and a film. The film was Le Quattro Volte, and its theme is the Pythagorean belief in the transmigration of souls: from human to animal to vegetable to mineral. Quite an unusual starting point, then. The setting is Calabria and a mountain village where an old shepherd tends his goats (Pythagoras was a local boy, apparently). I liked the fact that it has almost no dialogue at all, but there is a world of sound in the wind, the goat bells, the village celebrations and — throughout the film, though it doesn’t come into focus until the end — the rhythmic thumping of a spade on a charcoal kiln.

Doesn’t it sound slow and meditative? Well, it most certainly was, but I had a bit of an expectation gap. I’d read something which suggested it was very slow indeed, and was settling down for a looooong introduction when things started happening all over the place. Goats arrived! The shepherd coughed! He stood up, he sat down! It was one quickfire scene after another as far as I was concerned. It took me about 20 minutes to calm down; a strange exercise in relative slowness.

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  1. Ana Hernandez
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    Hah! It looks like we’ve swapped weather! It’ll be 55 F tonight in NY, and I’ve had to wear long pants, long sleeves and a jacket outside the last two days. I thought I might be in Dundee! Stay cool, and enjoy the workshop. I’ll try to send your weather home soon.

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