Some of the P2P2 participants have already made adventurous beginnings — you can see a chronology of the project if you visit this post on Meg’s blog — but I am still acclimatising. In order to facilitate that acclimatisation I have stuck the pictures on the wall above my desk. This way I can spend a few minutes just looking every now and then throughout the day.

I have developed favourites and less-favourites, and have been reminded of something I heard many years ago regarding idolatry. Idolatry is a strong word, but it is one you do hear in Scotland, where sectarianism is all too alive and well. However, you are advised to mitigate the risks of idolatry (should you be theologically inclined to worry about them) by concentrating on images that you don’t like. And I am starting to do that with my P2P2 collection. I am not ready to say which is the image I like least — in any case, I might change my mind — but that is the one I am concentrating on for now.

And speaking of looking, this month’s Online Guild workshop has caught my imagination. Isabella Whitworth, a fabulous textile artist and a valued colleague on the Journal, is helping us to develop the “Notebook Habit”. As one of those people who is very timid about drawing, I need all the help that I can get; so I am carrying my little notebook everywhere and snatching odd moments to draw lines. Next exercise: doodling to music.

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  1. Meg in Nelson

    Oh, do tell!! The changes in favorites are interesting, too. There is one I particularly hesitated to send in the mix, you can probably tell from my penchant for clear, high contrast pictures.

    I’ve learned to look carefully at my less-favorites over the years, but I find that as I delve deeper into the project, I return to my earlier favorites; I find them more comforting.

  2. neki rivera

    think i might follow the notebook habit thing.
    being awful at drawing i almost always end up writing up what interests me visually .