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This week hasn’t been the most holidayish of holiday weeks. I had a lot of admin to do and had to devote several hours, nay days, to avoiding getting on with it. In spite of my best efforts, a bit managed to slip past me and I did finish my tax return. It was rather creepy, in fact. I sat down at the computer to try and match paperwork to spreadsheets, and discovered that someone had already done all the work up to the end of December. She had set up a separate folder, taken snapshots of the data and even reconciled it with a folder of receipts. Isn’t that weird? I only had to do January — March. Whoever she is, I hope she sticks around for the next return.

In between avoidance of chores and wondering at marvels, I did spend a bit of time at the loom but don’t really have anything new to show for it. After washing a sample of the triangles I decided to resley for a denser sett, so I’m starting afresh with that.

Phoebus had an unknown Bad Experience on Thursday. Whatever it was, it completely spooked him and he wouldn’t go outdoors again on Thursday afternoon or all day Friday, but obsessively patrolled the bedroom windows and couldn’t relax at all. Unfortunately, Stuart was away for a few days: Phoebus likes his man-to-man chats with S and I think his Bad Experience was made Worse by the lack of this. Sure enough, Stuart came home last night and Phoebs is out on the prowl again today. He and his Arch-Enemy have settled on the area outside our spare room window as the Most Disputed Territory, but lately their disputes have been more vocal than physical (most of the time anyway) and they’ve even reached the stage where they can sometimes manage disagreement by just sitting and ignoring each other.

That’s Phoebs in the bushes on the right…

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  1. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    A cat’s concept of “property line” is very different from ours. I have with great effect used a garden hose with a very strong spray nozzle to convince a visiting cat that our garden was not his. It took a few dousings, but he finally got the message.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      We have the awkward situation that the disputed area doesn’t actually belong to either party – it’s a no-mans-land belonging to a neighbour with no cats (I suppose that’s a mercy; if he did have cats, it would be World War 3).

  2. dorothylochmaben
    | Reply

    Hi Cally, well done on the tax front ! I did mine this week also and the resolution for this current year is to keep up with receipts each month. I didn’t have that helpful ‘person’ you had !!

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