elements of chaos

I have no idea what to call this post, or even what to put in it. I am so overwhelmed by things I need to do and things I needed to have done ages ago, that I am positively dizzy from it. Nonetheless, there is stuff happening. Research is being done, the Journal is getting edited, and cloth is even being woven (if only in sample sizes). On Saturday the Journal Editorial Committee met in London and this will tell you how wired I am at the moment: I got up at 3:30 am; travelled to London by car, plane, aborted train and then bus; chaired a meeting from 11 until 4; got on a train at 5 pm and reached home at midnight without so much as dozing off. In fact, I finished reading my book at 9 pm and was bouncing off the carriage walls for the rest of the trip. Had a lie-in on Sunday morning though.

Anyway, I have started to think about all the different ways I might hang Lava Flow. I took the decision that I only wanted about two thirds of what I had woven to constitute the final piece, so I have a spare third to experiment with. At the moment it is threaded on a string across my warping board, but here is a wee close-up of the fabric.

With all the pleating in it, it is only about 7″ wide. There is a lot going on up close, but when you stand away from it you see the broad curves of the flow — I’m very pleased that it works from across the room in that way.

It has turned out well enough that I am encouraged to continue. This is Earth + Fire; next I want to do Earth + Water. Not mud! Although that does appeal to me in some respects. No, I am thinking of a coastline. Staying with the echo weave but introducing a clasped weft.

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  1. Sandra Rude
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    Well, if life weren’t chaotic occasionally, you’d be bored. Am I right? LOVE Lava Flow! Especially the not-flatness. Anybody can weave flat cloth; only a few can make not-flat look fabulously intentional. (At the last show, somebody looked at my Cocoa Puffs scarf, and asked if it was an accident; “Did you know it would do that?” I had to bite my tongue for a few seconds to let a polite response simmer up to the surface…)

  2. Stacey
    | Reply

    You’re in good company. Nature is also all about chaos! Looking forward to seeing Lava Flow when it’s hung! Back to hugging trees!

  3. Julia
    | Reply

    Well done! I love it! Presenting a piece is always tough – you’ll figure it out.

  4. Evelyn
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