P2P2 update

I had quite forgotten that I haven’t posted any pictures of my 12-shaft honeycomb sample. It certainly has a waffly look about it.

However, I don’t like it as much as the 8-shaft version. The cells are nice and deep, but the larger size gives less sense of movement. And to be honest it wasn’t very comfortable to weave. The lifting sequence is 3 shafts, then 5, then 7 and finally 9 shafts — and back again. I added a basketweave selvedge on the other four shafts so add 2 to all of those. 11 shafts are pretty heavy, but the 5 shafts go flying up and I found it hard to get into an even rhythm. It might be easier on a countermarche loom, but I only have 8 shafts on the Delta.

So I have a nice little selection of samples to ponder, but in the meantime I thought I’d indulge myself. Another of the images Meg sent has lots of big shapes and bright colours so I just grabbed some yarn and made a warp.

I haven’t even come up with an original draft. I’m using my favourite echo triangles to try and create areas of bold colour. My yarns aren’t as bright as the paints in the image (wish I had more of the really zingy reds!) but I’m still having fun.

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  1. Dorothy Stewart
    | Reply

    Hi Cally – I really like the 12 shaft honeycomb although I can see it would be hard to lift the heavier set of shafts. the colours look lovely and the yarn looks particularly soft.


  2. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    So, more cups than honeycomb? Just a thought – have you ever woven standing up? As a very short person, I have had to, and in some respects it’s easier on the body – no back pain – though in my case it slows down the shuttle-throwing.

    That page from the mag was my fav of all the material I sent you, so I’m glad to see it making an appearance here.

  3. Julia
    | Reply

    I love those echo triangles! I can see why they are your favorites. I like the honeycomb too – good for you for getting so much done!

  4. Ana
    | Reply

    Total love for the 12-shaft honeycomb!

  5. sampling
    | Reply

    I love those echo triangles too.!

  6. Belinda Rose
    | Reply

    It works! Like it.

  7. Belinda Rose
    | Reply

    Are you doing lightening with those triangles? They are zingy.

  8. neki rivera
    | Reply

    i don’t know what you had in mind, but i really like the top cloth.
    is it designed to collapse when wet finished?

    • Cally
      | Reply

      It looks horrid on the loom, but better when it is finished like this. Making those little cells is as much collapse as you get – the longest floats (warpwise and weftwise) are five ends in this draft but you can go bigger…

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