sounds of craft

I love cool projects and this is another really cool project: tweave. On the About page it says

Tweave maps sound recordings of craft and making to create an evolving thread of sounds.

You can listen to the sounds of spinning, stone carving, machine knitting and you can add your own recording as well. I had a go by recording the sound of weaving on the Delta and uploading it here. It sounds eerily quiet to me, as I turned off the radio for once: it was lovely to hear the sounds of the loom itself. It’s a little on the long side too, but I couldn’t edit it because my laptop was playing up again and in the end I just had to upload it as-is from my phone. You can’t really have too much weaving though, can you?

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  1. Alice in Richmond
    | Reply

    I love this idea so much I sent it to all of my friends! And my daughter who is an electronica fan. She loved it!

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