spoiled for treats

Well, the cake was good. And now I have so many new toys to play with that I am positively spoiled. Most of these toys are in book form, which is one of the best forms toys can take. I’ve just added The Intentional Spinner and The Subversive Stitch to my librarything library. I’ve also added Jennifer Moore’s book on Double Weave — I had ordered it in Interweave’s hurt book sale and it happened to arrive in the birthday post, which was a bonus.

Another new development in the book department is the arrival of a Kindle. I’m rather excited about this. As someone who regularly travels by train, I frequently face the dilemma of having not enough of a book left to last a journey, and I really resent lugging 500 pages about just so that I can read the last 50. I’m hoping my new toy will relieve that problem, though it’s already creating a new problem: Stuart wants one too.

We’ve been gadding about a bit and visiting a few galleries locally. Goodness, but it’s nice to have a little free time for gadding. Especially when the weather is unaccountably hot and sunny: that really was a bit of a surprise this week! Yesterday we called in at the Tayberry Gallery in Perth and I picked up another treat, one which panders to my enthusiasms for ceramics, textiles and tea. I have quite a few favourite mugs which feature sheep, but I didn’t have an oversized teacup with buttons on so I really needed this one by Angela Pointon.

That’s enough treat, though. I do feel a bit over-indulged. Now, however, the loom is warped and I’m looking forward to weaving another echo weave variation.

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  1. Laura
    | Reply

    Sounds like you had a lovely day. 🙂 Many more to come!

  2. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    If you’re both avid readers, you need 2 Kindles. Speaking as one who knows. I bought one with an Amazon gift certificate (a birthday present) and almost immediately it was being “borrowed, just for a short while.” So Mike got one for his subsequent birthday. It’s the only way to preserve peace in the household. Ours are both registered on my Amazon account, so we can both access the same books (lots of sci-fi). Luckily our recreational reading tastes are similar… And yes, they’re great for travel!

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