a bit of plain weave

I thought I might incorporate the triangle fabric into a bag, so I’ve started on a warp-faced plain weave strap to go with it.

The honeycomb is going well, and this is the last picture I’m going to show you before the Big Reveal. I’m such a lazy weaver that I wasn’t looking forward to using two shuttles (blue weft for the interior of the cells, light beige weft for the floats) but I’m finding a rhythm nonetheless.

It’s a while since I’ve woven with cotton and I’d forgotten how inflexible it is. However, the most challenging aspect of this is the fact that I’m pinning my measuring tape on the left rather than the right! I decided to change shuttles at the right so didn’t want the tape in the way. Apparently I am not as versatile as I’d like to think because I’m finding it quite taxing on the old brain.

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  1. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    I like the colors in the top piece. Nice strap.

    Two-shuttle weaving hasn’t been as bad once I got used to it. It is much slower, but I do keep dropping the shuttles, at the oddest moments, too, and in between the oddest places. I should take pictures of some of the places they get to.

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