olives and lipstick

It was only when I got these yarns out of my bag this morning that I realised “summer olives” and “lipstick” are uncannily like my choices for the tooty frooty deflected double weave project. I must have been craving sugar or something. Or perhaps it is because they look so zingy when you put them alongside lavender silk? That is the combination I have just been pondering.

I wouldn’t have thought it was possible that there could be a yarn supplier in Scotland I didn’t know about, but yesterday’s fair introduced me to Helen from Lochinver and her business Ripples Crafts. Helen’s own interest is mainly in knitting and she dyes yarns with knitters in mind, but this blend of alpaca, silk & cashmere looks like loom fodder to me.

That was the sum total of my shopping other than to buy some raffle tickets. Of course I didn’t win anything, but I was very impressed with the way the raffle was organised. Prizes were donated by different Guilds and businesses and each prize was allocated its own paper bag for tickets. You chose the prizes you were interested in and put your tickets in those bags — no chance of going home with an unwanted crate of toiletries! Somewhat less impressive was my attempt to follow the basic instructions, however. I carefully wrote my name and phone number on one half of each ticket, then just as carefully put the wrong half of each ticket into the bags…

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  1. Dorothy Stewart
    | Reply

    I found helen at the Garden Festival earlier this year. Her yarn is very nice to weave with ! My last effort without the pinwheels used her lace weight alpaca, silk and cashmere. She is a great find !!

    You chose some lovely colours !

    Just spent the week at Crail meaning to visit Pittenweem a lot but much too wet as you discovered by the look of your shoes ! Such a shame when it is so expensive for the exhibitors and they have worked so hard to prepare for it.


  2. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    I’d buy these just for their names! How lovely.

  3. Evelyn
    | Reply

    Wonderful colours – I would have chosen them also!

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