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I’ve put off planning my official P2P2 warp (as opposed to the unofficial triangles) because I needed to use my laptop to work out and record the details, and sometimes I just don’t want to go near it.

If I boot up, it’s odds on I’ll get sucked into the email vortex and gradually disappear under a dozen or more things that people are wanting me to do so that I never get close to the loom at all. 99% of these things will come to no harm if they have to wait a few hours, but there is something appalling in the way an inbox turns into a backlog in the space of an afternoon. I end up peering at the screen with my eyes half-averted in order not to scare myself with the number of unread messages. (This approach is useless, by the way. It doesn’t reduce the number and just makes them harder to read.)

I get email on my phone as well, which is useful when travelling but horrible in other circumstances. I long ago switched off the little noise it makes when a message arrives, and have recently hidden the mail icon away on a page where I won’t immediately see it every time I go to make a phone call. The little red badge which displays the number of unread messages was traumatising me.

Anyway, for once I had had a reasonably productive day at disposing of email on Saturday, so I reckoned on Sunday I could keep Thunderbird closed and work on my warp plan instead. It’s done, it’s printed out, and I’ll be off to the warping board later today.

I struggled to get a decent screenshot from Fiberworks, though, because the zoom-in function was determined to go straight from slightly-too-big to far-too-small. This is the far-too-small variant, where the whole thing vanished into a corner of the screen, but it does show the whole width of the warp.

It all looks rather beige at this distance, but I promise you there’s a riot of blues and oranges under there. Just as a reminder, this is the picture and the yarn I’m working with.

I was interested to see that Holly has also made towels for her project – you can see a sneak peek here. I love the rich colours in the image and in Holly’s weaving.

For my towels I’m going to go with the 8-shaft version of Brighton honeycomb, partly because I prefer it visually for this project and partly because it makes designing the warp easier. Yes, laziness wins again. With a four-end cell I can wind one colour for the floats and one colour for the recess by taking each yarn in pairs, so that managing the colour changes is, well, manageable.

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  1. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    So you are going to stick with you un-fav photo! Interesting. Good luck, and no, you’re not a grumpy old witch yet.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      You should see the evil things I write in my research diary… I have more Grumpy Old Witch tags than anything else. Actually, that’s why I don’t let anyone see my research diary!

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