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I’ve at least managed to get from here

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So now the warp is spread, the threading is checked and I am ready to weave a test piece. I plan to use a pale grey-green silk for the weft and I’m hoping this won’t be one of those plans which is a fantastic idea until you actually try it… I’ve totted up how much I am likely to need and I believe I have just the right amount of this particular colour: wouldn’t it be annoying if it just didn’t work? What are the chances, I wonder?

Meanwhile, my hourly paid work is not only increasing but seriously interfering with prior plans. The first part of that is good in so far as it means a bit of income, bad in so far as it means a loss of time. The second part is just bad. One of the problems of university life is that nothing is organised until the very last minute, and if you are a PhD student at the bottom of the academic heap then your work is usually assigned some time after the last minute has become history. I am finding the whole thing rather complicated and stressful and I will be glad, glad, glad when it is all over.

We’ve had lovely autumnal weather, though. I like it when the air turns crisp and the wind tangles my hair into knots. The Ps can’t stand the wind: Polly deals with it by staying indoors, Phoebus by creeping along with his chest low to the ground until he reaches a sheltered spot.

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  1. Evelyn
    | Reply

    Interestsing optical illusion with the woven bit – looks like the warp changes angles with the colour changes. Hope you can sort the paid work!

  2. Cally
    | Reply

    Not an illusion… it really does change angle! Or the twill line does at any rate.

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