The ankle-formerly-known-as-sprained was getting better until about June this year, when improvements ground to a halt. I finally dragged myself back to the doctor to grumble about it and it turns out that one of the ligaments is permanently ruptured. There’s a bit more movement in my ankle than there ought to be, but the main difficulty I have is knowing where my foot is — particularly when I am going down stairs.

So to help me learn to compensate for this, the physiotherapist has instructed me to stand on one leg (the injured one, that is) when I make a cup of tea and when I brush my teeth. I am getting noticeably less wobbly at this so have expanded my practice to include standing on one leg while I wind bobbins. It’s trickier than you might think…

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  1. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    Hummmmm… Your foot – is it approaching the first anniversary since you hurt it?

  2. Alice in Richmond
    | Reply

    I wonder how standing on the ruptured ligament helps it? Maybe they are strengthening the collateral ligaments and muscles?

  3. Evelyn
    | Reply

    This doesn’t sound like fun – but at least you are winding bobbins 😉

  4. Cally
    | Reply

    Yes, Meg – it’ll be a year at the beginning of November.

    Alice, I don’t know the technicalities (perhaps my mother would like to chip in with a comment to explain it?) but that seems to be the general idea. The rest of my foot needs to learn to manage without that bit, whereas at the moment it is just whining, “but we don’t know what to doooo….”

    You’re right, Evelyn, it isn’t exactly fun – but the stretching exercises hurt more than this one!!

  5. neki rivera
    | Reply

    oh dear, you’ll be drinking a lot of tea i suppose.

  6. ruth
    | Reply

    Oopps, I’ve been out of things for a while and just reading up about your ankle now…Doesn’t sound like much fun, but if you have a dobby (or get one!) you can always give your ankle quite a workout…or damage your back in the process…(not sure it’s much of a trade off)

    • Cally
      | Reply

      When my sprain was still quite new, I found I could weave before I could walk properly! I’m sure it was excellent therapy. Trouble is, I do actually need to be able to walk properly too…

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