The sound of September flying past, with October hot on its heels… Actually, “hot” was the key word last weekend down in London. I left poor old S and the two incorrigible Ps behind in the north, while I headed off to attend a Journal committee meeting and catch up with friends and family. My plans managed to go wrong before I had even started the trip, but I did eventually get myself down there — whereupon I traded my boots for sandals, abandoned my woolly jumper and soaked up the last (or rather the only) summer sun of the season. What a weird old year it has been.

I came home on Monday and fell headfirst into a rather complicated week. I seem to be living several lives at once, and I am never quite sure which one I am in. My yardage is still on the loom and I have added only a few inches this week, which is rather troubling, but I think I have a reasonably free weekend ahead. [Clarification: “free weekend” doesn’t mean that I have cleared my to-do lists; it means that I don’t have to be anywhere other than my house, so that there’s a chance I might actually work on the to-do lists. Weaving is on one of those lists — my favourite list of the lot.]

Oh dear, there was a whole bunch of stuff which I was meaning to blog about when I finally got to sit down at my blog… but it’s gone. I’ll just give you this charming picture of Abigail taken last Saturday: guess who has learned to pull faces for the camera?

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  1. Margreet
    | Reply

    She is gorgeous. Hope you will have lots of loom-time this weekend.

  2. Julia
    | Reply

    “Whoosh” is also the sound of Cally speeding through her to-do list! Well, one can hope anyway!

  3. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    Hmmm. If my brothers-in-law are any example, pulling faces at the camera is a skill that once learned is never forgotten. One of them in particular has never ever appeared in a photo with other than a peculiar expression on his face. Even his wedding photos. Let’s hope Abigail doesn’t commit this face to memory…

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