must have wavy socks

It’s ages since I did any sock-knitting, but a couple of weeks ago Julia posted that she had knitted a pair of wavy socks from this pattern by Tiina Seppälä. What’s not to love about wavy socks? I have to have a pair of those. So I have downloaded the pattern and dug out the sock needles. I’m not sure that the yarn I have is quite up to the job, but I thought I’d try it anyway. Even if I have to start again, I surely need the practice. This evening it has taken me the whole episode of Wallander to do the first six rows of rib… However, the doubleplusgood news is that series two of The Killing starts next Saturday and I’m going to be glued to the telly, Sarah Lund and her jumpers until Christmas.

Meanwhile, in the loom room, there’s a warp which looks like this:

The gold  silk is the weft I’m planning to try first, though I still have to get threaded, sleyed and tied on. I’ll try and say more about it before the weekend is over. I am struggling to make quality time for weaving, let alone blogging, just at the moment. However, with my contribution to the Kennet Valley show I have fulfilled all my “public commitments” for 2011. I decided that I am not even going to attempt any Christmas sales this year as the last thing I need is more deadline stress; so from here until the new year I am going to play.

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  1. marion berkhout
    | Reply

    The socks are lovely, maybe I’ll download the pattern too hihi.
    But your warp looks super!

  2. Evelyn
    | Reply

    Great warp colours – looking forward to the weaving

  3. Dot
    | Reply

    It must be sock knitting season – I just started knitting a pair last night!

  4. Julia
    | Reply

    Those socks are fabulous, aren’t they? I can just picture them with those boots of yours that I like so much.

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