textile hotchpotch

There have been some great suggestions about the funny-looking fabric from Laura, Marion, Kerstin and Alison: all have different ideas about what it might be! Next time I go to my class I will take along a magnifying glass — and perhaps a tapestry needle so I can do a little probing…

My three-layer warp seems to be much longer than I was expecting. Funny how that happens; I guess I was more economical in my sampling than I thought. I’ve been finishing it off with some more advancing points in bright blue wool (well, if you’ve got three bright colours already, you might as well have four) but it still isn’t finished.

I daresay you’ve noticed that I like a lot of colour in my colour, but sometimes I like a neutral palette too: not so much on the loom, but definitely around the house. Back in February I posted a picture of our new bedside rugs…

…and at last we have the curtains to go with them. We have been without curtains for more than a decade, and have been relying on the old shutters instead. This was not very good either for us or for the shutters, but curtains are an awfully big commitment and we take our time thinking about these things. And yet, for all that thinking, after 12 years we now have… Plain Brown Curtains.

No, I didn’t make them. Various people have expressed shock at this failing in textile-related domesticity on my part, but I really don’t want to wait another 12 years which is roughly how long it would take me to get around to it. I can manhandle large quantities of fabric when required, but it is hardly a joy. Sometimes it is nice to pay someone else to make things.

In other neutral-coloured news I am finally making progress with my wavy socks, i.e. I have got beyond the first two inches without ripping it out. In fact I have got all the way past the heel on Sock Number One, although this picture was taken slightly earlier.

My extra heddles have arrived at last, but so has some more purple yarn. Not sure which I will tackle next.

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  1. Kyla
    | Reply

    I LOVE what you have on the loom now!!!!! I am all about bright colours too. Your work sure isn’t help me curb my enthusiasm to get my loom up and running! LOL (I’m waiting until I’m done school next month because if I warp it now… we both know how that’s going to go!)

    Loving the sock too. I’m almost finished a pair. I have 2 more pairs to do before Christmas.

  2. Alice in Richmond
    | Reply

    You know I am going to comment on the knitting. I LOVE that sock. So natural and organic. Excellent!

    Also the curtains. I have a home dec passion at the moment…it is just on hold til I decide what to do next.

    Of course, the weaving is gorgeous too. That almost goes without saying!

  3. Julia
    | Reply

    YAY! Pretty wavy socks! I absolutely approve of you buying the curtains too. Of course you could have made them, but why? Better to spend your time weaving lovely warps and knitting fabulous socks.

  4. Trapunto
    | Reply

    Oohh, congratulations on your brown curtains! Brown makes perfect sense, as does not sewing them yourself. For me, a good brown is the only color that can act as a warm neutral without feeling namby pamby after a while. I’ll bet your interior decoration evolves very smoothly around them over the coming years (or even decades).

  5. Ana
    | Reply

    That is one of the coolest browns around. Trust me, I have a sock drawer filled with at least a dozen browns, all somewhere between your sock and the curtains. Then there’s my new car, Espresso Black, which is really just Nissan’s idea of the deepest coffee bean brown. I love all that color on the loom! Question: Are there windows behind those drapes? Heh heh
    Advent love~!

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