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A brief post to note that I have settled on the advancing point treadling and doubled the length of the dobby chain. I have to concentrate so progress is slow, but after the green and purple mishap that is no bad thing!

My socks weren’t working out very well so I have started again with a different yarn. The Guardian are clearly impatient for you-know-what to start too, as they have suddenly produced an item about Danish knitters. Incidentally, for those outside the UK or who eat only muesli, the title “Knitted by nanas” is the tagline for Shreddies breakfast cereal. It drives me nuts. It is perfectly obvious from their structure that Shreddies are woven and not knitted, so clearly the nanas haven’t the faintest idea what they’re doing. It is enough to make one want to leave an acerbic message on their facebook page, but I wouldn’t do a mean thing like that…

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  1. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    Ah, yes, the marketoon’s confused about the way the product is made! There’s a mail-order clothing company over here (The Territory Ahead) whose catalog waxes enthusiastic about “the weave” when the garment is clearly knitted. Drives me nuts, too! Although I’m inclined to ignore their faux pas because some of the mens’ shirts are tailored using the most interesting fabrics I’ve ever seen, and DH happily wears them to death.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      That’s so funny — and alarming! I had a similar experience recently with a new-to-me catalogue of clothing made, apparently, by artisans in South America. Inside the front cover they featured a picture of “one of our local artisan weavers” next to his loom, but when I searched the catalogue I couldn’t find a single woven item; everything was knitted. Unsettling.

  2. Bonnie Inouye
    | Reply

    This piece is beautiful!

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Thanks, Bonnie. It’s slow going at the moment but I’m enjoying the journey.

  3. Marion Berkhout
    | Reply

    I wish i could touch it!

  4. Marion Berkhout
    | Reply

    I wish i could touch it! So beautuful.

  5. Clare
    | Reply

    Love the advancing twill and the blue scarf. I’m too lazy to work on more than 4 shafts though I have a 12 shaft loom – I can’t bear all that time retying all the shafts (it’s a countermarch loom). One day I will break out. It certainly makes for more sophisticated and complex patterns!

  6. Julia
    | Reply

    The colors in this one are just luminous. I love it.

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