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In between bouts of feasting, I have managed to get the loom threaded and sleyed with my double cloth warp. Most of the ends are threaded on shafts 1 – 10: shafts 1 and 2 hold a plain weave layer, while shafts 3 – 10 hold a layer of echo weave. That makes for quite a dense warp, so there are a heck of a lot of ends even though it is 2/30 silk. There is a narrow second block threaded on shafts 11 – 16: twill on shafts 11 – 14 and more plain weave on shafts 15 and 16.

I tried to come up with a sett for each part which would allow me to use the same weft throughout, although I wasn’t sure what weft that would be. I rounded up a choice of three: the same 2/30 silk as in the warp, a very fine 2/90 silk and one in the middle, exact count unknown. I haven’t tried the very fine as the middling one (silver in the picture above) works perfectly.

Next I need to get the geometry of the piece right. I know what I think I want, but in practice? I will need to use two shuttles in some places to keep the layers separate, but for most of it I think one shuttle will do (sing hey for lazy weaving!) My plan is to make a small round drawstring bag so I have been playing at stitching together a cotton protoype – it has come out quite well, though I need to make the base a bit smaller.

My other preoccupation this holiday week has been to get stuck in to this pile of Christmas books. Don’t we have brilliant friends and relations?

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  1. Julia
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    That’s a pretty warp! I’ve never really understood the concept of double weave, and the idea of more than 4 shafts makes my head hurt, but I’m sure all will become clear! By the way, your wavy socks are lovely – I forgot to mention that last time! Happy New Year!

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